Retired, Inactive and Dead Player Characters

These are photos and drawings of PCs who have been retired from play, are rarely active, or have died in the course of play. Player links are mailto URLs to the specific player. Character links connect to individual character info pages about the character selected.


Player Character
Sparky Mark Bach

Mary Bach

Marty Bach

Marcella Bach

Xip Andrews, Nathan

Androchev, Katya

Androchev, Viktor Gen.

Kyle, Randi

Maceniel, Joseph

Shaw, Carl Col. (ret)

Shelzie, Adam Dr.

Shelzie, Randall Dr.

Smith, Chuck Dr.

Watcher, Ethan Gen. (ret)

White, Damian

Tod Irving Graham Bell
John 296

Raller, Ghaer


Michael Griffin - Deceased (officially).

Cali Turner - Retired.

Tessa Dreyfus

Cena Fitzpatrick