Michael Griffin



AKA Mikie, the Oracle.
Early twenties, dark brown hair, grey eyes. 5'4", 130.

A product of the streets (& Warrens) of Old Port, an unidentified father, and a drug-addicted mother who died of an overdose when he was 13, Mikie was mostly raised by nuns and "working girls". Local colour, "reformed" pickpocket and thief, former Regina Parks Board employee (tended the Japanese garden), ex-employee of the Palladium Group, telepath, clairvoyant (hence the "oracle" business), J'la player, once a bartender at Discarding Sabot, a member of Regina Security (Black's 'pet psionic'), and reluctant Lyrian Autarch.

Mikie has been known to associate with the likes of the late Duke Joseph "Mac" Macaniel, Grandma Kirby, various Bachs, Ghaer Raller, Nicolai Volkov, Joe Lee, Behrel dom Camréal, Christopher Blaelok (the late Solomani Consul), Mercer Black, Christine Black, Sengi, and Var Sengi, among others. He has made numerous trips (some in the back seat of the car, some in the trunk) to the big grey building with no windows, but keeps coming out alive for some reason. He was one of the people "outed" by Free Thoughts as a psionic, and has been described as a "weirdness magnet". Had his arm ripped off (literally) once, and that wasn't the worst thing that happened that day.

Just prior to Grandma Kirby leaving Regina for the contemplative life, Mikie found out he was a psionic - a telepath. Grandma helped Mikie find some one to help train him before she left. Mikie spent several months living on Regina proper (out in the middle of the damn woods) with his teacher, a reclusive (and horticulturally obsessive) man named Bruno. Some months after Mikie returned to Up Port, Bruno's house was blown up, and Bruno himself died under suspicious circumstances (involving Mikie, Mac, Blaelok, and - at least peripherally - Mr. Black).

Mikie has a somewhat strained relationship with the man he has discovered to be his father, Dr. John Taylor (aka Joseph Trygaer) of the Regina Neurological Institute, although he knows that Dr. Taylor truly regrets his past actions, and Dr. Taylor's recent personality changes (Blaelok's virus) have at least allowed the man to put his inner demons to rest. Mikie met his twin brother Andrew Trygaer late in 1121, and despite a somewhat rocky start, the two had developed a close bond (psychic and emotional) shortly before Andrew's murder at the hands of Anton Solati's security guards. Mr. Solati has since perished "in an unfortunate industrial accident".

Desperately trying to go straight, Mikie became engaged to Theresa Blake, daughter of the founder of Blake Shipping, at Christmas of 1121. They were married on 47-1122. 162 days later, Theresa was murdered by Pamela Blaelok (just before she and her husband Christopher were killed in Aguilon Park). The day after Theresa's funeral, a unit of the Condor Legion (an elite branch of SolSec's Section 9) murdered her entire family (in front of Mikie), razed their home, and desecrated Theresa's remains. So much for the straight life.

Since then [after escaping from the Condor Legion group <see Regina Game Notes for 2000>] a deranged killer (Paul Verlak) who was in the hands of the Solomani at some point, had taken Theresa's body from the Up Port mortuary, had the body stuffed by a taxidermist, and was running around with it. Mikie, thanks to being related to every whacko in the Imperium (apparently), had been chosen (by a pack of sentient gryphons, no less) as the next ruler for the dispossessed people of the former Lyrian Empire (now the Federation of Arden). He had been trying to separate himself from the Lyrians so he could find Verlak and see Theresa finally laid to rest. Overcome by grief and guilt, this last task was all that mattered to Mikie as he struggled to hold on to what sanity he had left.

Christopher Blaelok's reach, however, had extended beyond the grave. Literally. Mikie discovered that Blaelok used one of the SolSec conditioning chairs to do something to him shortly before Blaelok's death. But what? After an unsuccessful suicide attempt that he doesn't remember, Mikie was admitted to the psych ward of Regina Trauma. There, Blaelok and his late wife Pamela appeared, and were responsible for the deaths of several hospital staff members, and other injuries. But were they real, or the projections of a deeply disturbed psionic in the throws of a psychotic episode? Both and neither. Blaelok had inserted a partial (condensed) version of his own personality into the back of Mikie's mind, and was attempting to assert himself. The results were not exactly as Blaelok had anticipated. Verlak continued to fulfill his part of the deal, which was to try to drive Mikie completely into insanity and retreat, allowing the Blaelok persona to fully manifest; in effect, destroying Michael Griffin. Mikie proved a bit too resilient, and in the resulting chaos and carnage, Verlak was killed, Theresa's body recovered, and Mikie died of his injuries.

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