Ghaer Raller

A large male Varg’r who, due to an unfortunate mishap with a Therian command chair, is fuzzy and slightly pudgy looking with soft tabby-like stripes. People have remarked that Ghaer has remarkably soft fur and friendly, gentle eyes.

Ghaer served in the Imperial Marine Commandos, reaching the rank of gunnery sergeant. Ghaer first came to Regina as a turret gunner for a far trader. After a few years of adventuring based on the bustling starport Ghaer has seen nearly every flipping elephant and heard the damn owl in too many languages to count. About a year ago Ghaer was charged by the last of the Barlows to “become wise”.

Ghaer has always been a fairly calm Imperial Varg’r. After years of adventuring and seeing the fallout of power politics, Ghaer is trying to find a way to make a difference without the use of high explosives. Friends have claimed that Ghaer has a “Lassie” gene that won't let him pass by someone in trouble. Some of the people Ghaer has helped have even survived the experience.

The Rallers are a large family of large Varg’rs who have been involved in many unlikely adventures with an odd assortment of sophants. There is no truth to the rumour that there is a curse on the family in the form of a “Lassie” gene carried by the males. Improbable events have resulted in a lot of people who are unhappy with various Rallers, often leading to Rallers who had nothing to do with the original incident becoming involved in a rude and unpleasant manner with unsavory beings.

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