Tessa Dreyfus


Former Imperial Marine Infantry officer.
02, 1st Lieutenant
2 CSR, 2 PH, 2 SEH.

Dreyfus' original unit was mostly wiped out, and the survivors were subsequently dispersed to other units. The following year, while operating on a planet near the Zhodani border, Dreyfus' new unit's command was overrun & captured by a group led by Ingavar advisors. Dreyfus was one of several officers captured and interrogated for several days; she was then given to the local troops as 'entertainment'. She escaped two weeks later, taking several other captives with her.

Discharged - unfit psych. Tessa is able to function in most situations, but has refused to take any sort of command position since the incident involving the Ingavar.

Currently living on Regina, seeking work as a mercenary with a level 2 rating in battledress.

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