Dr. Chuck Smith

Age: 48
Height: 6'7" Weight: 270 lbs
Eyes: Blue Hair: Blonde

Mora University class of 1107 Honors NOTC
Medical school.
One term Imperial Navy, medical branch. Experienced trauma surgeon.
Currently serves on the Regina Trauma Center's Surgical Staff.
Chuck was born and mostly raised on a low tech, barbaric world. His father was the ruler of a northern clan on his home world. Being the second son of twelve, the young barbarian considered his chances fairly good to take over his elder brother's place on the ruling seat, considering the rivalry between the eldest and the other brothers. Of course Chuck wasn't really interested in ruling the clan. He spent the majority of his time hunting in the mountainous regions near his ancestral lands. He also enjoyed sailing on the northern seas to the east of his homelands. Although experienced with larger sailing vessels he was adept as well with the smaller single man craft his clan made. During one of his hunting trips Chuck discovered an opening into the side of a large, very odd cliff. The face of the cliff was made of a very strange metal. It also had an odd symmetrical pattern. Hunting had not been very good this day and Chuck's curiosity got the better of him. As Chuck carefully navigated the strange rectangular tunnels he began to hear a low, regular, throbbing noise. After what seemed like hours Chuck found himself in a large room. There was a variety of mechanical devices, some of which seemed to be part of the walls of the room. Suddenly Chuck found himself floating weightless above the floor. Being unfamiliar with this situation he struggled to regain his footing for many minutes. Eventually Chuck was able to somewhat regain control of his position in the room. Once he was able to stand upright he made his way carefully towards the tunnel he came in from. However the tunnel was blocked by a heavy metal door. Chuck searched for a latch or knob. Just as Chuck reached for what he believed to be the opening device, the door slid into the wall. Standing in the doorway was a rather haggard looking man. Fearing that he had encountered a powerful sorcerer, Chuck reached for his combat axe. As Chuck raised his axe to cleave the evil sorcerer a bolt of lightning leapt from the mage's hand. Chuck fell unconscious. Thus he meets his mentor, Red Danford of the Imperial Scout Service.

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