Cena Fitzpatrick


Height 5'9" Weight 145 lbs. Eyes: dark blue. Hair: brown .
3 terms Imperial Marines - Commandos/REACT.

Having received medical training while in REACT, Cena is a medical doctor specialising in trauma surgery. She is on staff at Regina Trauma, and has had some problems recently with certain members of the administration due to her refusal to save regen for use on the "right sort of people"; as far as she's concerned, whoever needs it most gets it first. Cena has a private source of regen as the result of a business deal with one of the companies that manufactures regen (as well as other medical pharmaceuticals), and is not above using her own supply if the need arises.

A retired gunnery sergeant, Cena is well-qualified in the use of small arms, demo, f.o., leader, and tactics, as well as unarmed combat, linguistics, and veterinary medicine. The mercenary work she accepts is almost exclusively as a medic, although she will not hesitate to use her combat skills if some one tries to mess with her patient; she habitually has a weapon to hand even when operating.

Cena has had the opportunity to further hone her surgical skills on such repeat patients as Viktor, Ghaer, and Nicolai. Coming in with damage to parts she has worked on in the past, however, is likely to get you a lecture (once you regain consciousness).

Cena has worked on several mercenary missions with Hunter. They are quite friendly, although not what you would call "involved"; Hunter already has a girlfriend, and Cena can only handle Hunter in limited doses, but she likes working with him, and the post-mission bouncy is blissfully free of complications (sort of like Hunter).

Cena is currently sharing an apartment with Maria Ross and Jerzee Dillon, on Up Port.

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