General Ethan Watcher (ret.)

Sex: Male Age: 58
Height: 6'5" Weight: 250

Occupational History:
7 Terms Theresan Royal Marine Corps..
Decorations: SEH x3, MCG x4, MCUF x4, PH x6, CSR x20
Expert Ratings:
Battle Dress, Claw Combat, Leadership,Tactics, Recon and Survival.

Rumored to be a decendant of one of the survivors of a lost Solomani colony ship. Ethan is related to the ruling house of the Theresans. As a planetary duke he finds his political carer completely boring and uneventful. Ethan became commanding general of the Royal Theresan Marines after many years of faithful service. His military career is peppered with many events and situations where he put himself in the line of fire. Often taking charge of an assault just so that he could lead from the front. This may be why his record has so many decorations and awards. Ethan finally retired from the service a short time after the 6th frontier war. Ethan was in charge of several marine divisions attached as allied forces to the Imperial naval forces, which were driving deep into Zhodani held territories. Nothing much is publically known of this action. Ethan hinself rarely speaks of his military carreer. Somewhere in all this Ethan developed a taste for the adrenaline rush. Since his retirement he has taken even greater risks just for the thrill. Some have said that it is more of a death wish than an addiction. Ethan has often taken ops not for the pay but for the chance to pit his life and skills against the chance for the ultimate rush.

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