Randi Kyle

Randi Kyle retired recently from her position as executive director of a major corporation. She arrived on Regina shortly before the death of the late Duke Maceniel. In fact Randi was in the park when Mac was killed. She was to say the least...affected. Randi began the secret society of the Macenites. This society revers the Aguilion line and faithfully watches over anyone of that line. They believe that by serving the Aledon line in this fashion they will achieve a place at the side of Maceniel in his higher plane of existence. Only the core of the society even know who Randi is. During the political upheaval of Regina. Randi became the head of The Foundation for Social Assistance which was founded by Corina Ling-Raleigh. It is rumored that Randi was a corporate climber from the start. Using any method at her disposal to achieve her goals. This is rumored to include the horizontal ladder as well as other, less than scrupulous methods. Most people would say that Randi is a cold hearted bitch. But then those are probably the people she stepped on during her corporate climb.

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