Marty Bach

Martha (Marty) Bach is the daughter of Ann Bach and a priest; she is a triplet with Mark and Mary Bach. She served 5 terms in the Infantry and REACT Branches of the Imperial Army. She received: 3 PH, 4 MCUF and 1 MCG awards. Her final rank was Lance Sgt.

She has had numerous adventures in the Marches, and knows Michael Griffin, Ghaer Raller and Nicolai Volkov (among others).

Marty toured several Rim planets, including Earth (where she met her Dad - a Terran Bishop) and Birabates (and met the Sengi). The Sengi hired Marty as a military trainer, for her hi-tech combat skills. She spent five years on planet learning their customs and languages. Exposure to Sengi lore and some strange recessive Bach personality disorder, lead Marty to believe both the Sengi legends and that the Sengi have interacted profoundly with Humanti in the past. Specifically, Marti thinks that Jesus Christ was a Sengi. She also believes that it's her moral duty to help the Sengi save the universe.

Marty was therefore sent by the Kaesthra to the Marches to recover an ancient artifact for return to Birabates. The artifact turned out to be a crippled Therean ship. Marty did succeed in returning it to Birabates, where it's currently in orbit. Her time on the ship also lead her to grow: two inches in height, a second heart and blue/gray eyes with a strange pupil (which can see in the infrared range). When she returned to Birabates the Kaesthra also announced that she is now one of the "true born". Shis is currently one of the Kaesthra's consorts.

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