Mark Bach

Mark is the son of Grand Duchess Ann Bach-Delgado; he is a triplet with Mary and Martha (Marty) Bach.

Mark Bach served 5 terms in the Commando Branch of the Imperial Army, and retired as the youngest Major General in the history of the Rim district. He received 2 PH, 5 MCUF and 1 MCG awards.

Mark obviously availed himself of the high-tech bio-sculpting in the Rim, because in spite of his extensive history, he appears to be in his mid- twenties.

Mark acquired a duelist reputation of 6 after his visit to the court on Capital. He then managed Paulo Astridi's assets in the Marches while Astridi was assigned to Capital.

He was appointed Duke of Lunion, succeeding Harrison Winyates; although like Winyates, he spends little time on planet "messing with the bureaucracy that works".

He is currently the Executive Vice President for Sternmetal Horizons Spinward and Tukera Lines.

Mark was considered The Marches' most eligible bachelor. He has been engaged to Corina Ling-Raleigh, however that engagement was broken prior to the marriage. Mark also paid court openly to Dannerella Kalugin (prior to her marriage to Admiral William Grey) and Grand Duchess Katrina Zhakirov. It seemed hard to tell whether Mark was a confirmed bachelor who couldn't bring himself to settle down, or if he was incredibly unlucky in love.

During an initial first visit by Katerina Zhakirov to Lunion, she was introduced to Percy the Platypus, Winyeats' illegitimate son by Mark. Katerina seemed to get along well with Percy, and spend a considerable amount of time visiting with him at his bar. This was followed by a romantic dinner with Mark in the garden of a popular restaurant; during dinner a dump truck backed up to the garden wall and dumped a truck load of lime jello on Katrina and Mark. When Katrina discovered that Mark was the instigator of this practical joke (which has a long history in the Lunion ruling house), she stormed off to Capitol. Mark felt that it was of primary importance for any potential mate to have a sense of humor; so back to the dating rituals.

At approximately 8 a.m., 17/1122, Mark hears a knock at his bedroom door at the palace on Lunion. When he opens the door, he and the entire room are deluged with thousands of gallons of water. As the torrent subsides, an unclad Katrina snorkels in - followed by a soggy butler bearing a tray of champagne for two. Mark thinks this is the funniest thing he's seen since Winyeats turned everyone bald and orange at his wake. Katerina, propositions Mark; first thing the next morning, Mark proposes, giving Katerina the option of eloping or a big wedding. After some discussion they sort of decide to do both: a civil ceremony, performed by the Captain of Katerina's Naval vessel marries them at Lunion; they then begin the 6 month journey to Capitol to break the news to her family and plan the big ceremony. Mark sends word of the marriage to his family (along with a somewhat joking aside in his letter to his sister, Marty, to a possible need for political asylum on Birabates should Katerina's family take this wrong). Katrina is approximately 6 months along in her pregnancy and "as big as a house" when she and Mark arrive at Capitol.

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