Katya Androchev

Katya Androchev is the only sister to Viktor Androchev. Katya's history is considerably different from her brothers in almost everyway. With one exception. She also believed that she was the only survivor of her family. She thought that her mother and brother had been killed in an escape attempt from a slaver camp. Katya was recaptured and sold into slavery. She was eventually able to escape on a pirate ship as crew. There she learned the piracy trade. For many years Katya lived with her new "family" of pirates. Then she started hearing rumors of a mercenary on Regina. A man going by the name of Androchev. At first Katya refused to believe that this was anyone she knew. On a short stopover on a system near Regina, the entire crew from Katya's ship disapeared. Katya, not being familiar with the local laws sought to flee. She stowed away on a ship bound for Regina. Eventually she crossed paths with Michael Griffin and Ghaer Raller. They knew this Viktor Androchev. They convinced Katya that this person did exist and had lived on Regina. Katya finally excepted the fact that her brother may still be alive and going to check it out. Katya was captured on Regina on a warrant for piracy. When she finally met her brother she was in the local jail under heavy guard. Viktor wanted to help but was not able to come up with any way to help her. Katya was released from the Regina jail only to be immediately picked up by the Imperial Navy's Shore Police. Katya was hauled off to the nearest naval vessel and incarcerated in it's brig. Katya was tried and convicted of piracy. She was sentenced to death. When her brother stood to give tesitmony on her behalf the court commuted the sentence to life imprisonment on the penal colony of Torment. Katya was last seen walking with her brother to the ship that would seperate them again. Probably for the rest of thier lives.

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