William Delgado


William Delgado is the son of Rebecca Bach and Falcon Delgado; he is the fraternal twin brother of Treal Delgado. He was raised on Regina. William served in the Medical Branch of the Imperial Navy. He is a graduate of the Uniformed Services Health Sciences University on Rhylanor. He was discharged during his second term as part of a "reduction in force". During his service, William was awarded a purple heart and was discharged at the rank of 2nd Lieutenant. He then returned to Regina and began his medical residency at Regina Trauma.

On Regina, Governor Collingwood was involved in an ugly plot to kill Viktor, Black, and Ghaer. So Will made the acquaintance of Viktor and Ghaer, by providing them with information about this. Because Will's Dad, Falcon, had been forced to testify at the Regina Senate's corruption hearings (orchestrated by Collingwood) Will already hates Collingwood. Will also believes that Collingwood is responsible for the death of Calvin's parents and attempted murder of Calvin in the park . Will was stabbed during the park encounter with the "ninja guys" while rescuing Calvin.

Will incidentially becomes the dinner guest of Viktor one evening, along with Collingwood's wife, Bunny. A grand time is had be all for the majority of the evening. However as Bunny gets intoxicated she makes a rather "direct" offer to Will. Will likes Bunny and thinks she is ill used by her husband. In his mind it would be rather ungallant to refuse such a request, so he doesn't refuse. Will gets up quietly the next morning and leaves Bunny a note with his number on her clothing, saying that it was marvelous. Will later learns that the wine he & Bunny had that night was probably spiked with Impulse. Although Will promised that he would be discreet, someone else has other ideas. Mysteriously a set of "signed" photos of Will and Bunny are forwarded to Collingwood, resulting in a duel challenge.

Will, although he has no dueling skills, insists on going through with it. Shots ring out simultaneously, and both parties are wounded; Collingwood is willing to stop at this point, but Will gets back up. Collingwood remarks that Will "has a lot of spunk", to which Will responds "that's what Bunny said". Everyone cringes, and the duel continues. Once more, simultaneous shots ring out: this time Will is shot in the forehead, and Collingwood in the heart. Both were transported to Regina Trauma. Will was later in the process of apologizing to Bunny in the hospital hallway, when Collingwood appeared and another fight (with fists and a IV pole) ensued.

The duel incident however, landed Will in really hot water with Dr. Auschlander, the doctor who supervises Regina Trauma Residents. Will is scheduled for around the clock rotations. Will is therefore the "Doctor on duty" when Collingwood is brought to the hospital following his self-inflicted gunshot wound. Will does his best, then turns Collingwood over to the neuro-surgeon, explaining his "personal issues" with this patient, and beating feet before Bunny gets to the hospital. Will is discharged from the rotations from Hell, based upon the positive report of the neuro-surgeon.

Will finally returns home, to a rat infested apartment and quite the ethical dilemma. What happens when you fall in love with someone else's wife - and then they die? And then there's the whole duel thing, which was somewhat public knowledge - what will people say if Bunny is seen with the "duelist" before Tiger is even cold?

Will decides that the discrete thing to do would be to send Bunny a letter telling her how he feels. Two letters are actually sent, before Will gets to meet Bunny at the post funeral luncheon. Bunny still seems to find Will attractive, and shows it after the other guests leave. However, the next day Bunny's father appears at Will's apartment to tell him to lay off. This is followed by Will mysteriously being "let go" at Regina Trauma. Will correctly assumes that Daddy is responsible. So throwing caution to the winds, Will goes to Caroline at the Ambassador, and proposes marriage. He also explains what's up with Daddy. Caroline says that Will is cute, but she's not ready to get married. She also places a phone order to buy the hospital herself. Will tells her that he doesn't want her money, just her. He also decides to go to Rhylanor until she makes up her mind, and try for a job there based upon Auschlander's recommendation. Bunny agrees to go for a last "night out" with Will. Later that night she announces that she hopes Will doesn't mind, but that she's booked passage to Rhylanor for both of them - and the ship leaves in two hours. Although suprised, Will is clearly willing to go with this flow. So they depart planet together that night, leaving behind a soon to be very pissed Daddy. On board ship, the romance continues, with Bunny letter #3 and Bunny Letter #4.

Will and Bunny take up residence happily on Rhylanor in a rather small apartment. They get along well in spite of a couple of minor incidents: one involving Bunny's charge account and another involving one of her former acquaintances, Reginald Blythe-Smythe. Reggie not only enjoys recreational riding, he isn't very discreet afterwards. However, everything seems to work itself out between Will and Bunny, prior to the arrival of Daddy. Daddy attempts unsuccessfully to "buy off" Will to make him dissappear. When Daddy arrives on Rhylanor, Bunny learns that he is dying of cancer. Will wants Bunny to spend as much time as possible with her father, given the circumstances, so he decides to bow out of the picture until after Daddy expires. But Daddy didn't have the decency to just quietly expire. Since he's dying anyway, he decides to "take Will with him". He appears at Will's apartment and tries to kill him with a splinter gun; unknown to both Will and Daddy, Bunny is in the bedroom waiting for Will to come home. When she hears the altercation she emerges and tries to intervene during the struggle for the gun. When the gun discharges, Bunny's leg (of course), is in it's path. Will manages to keep her alive until they reach the hospital. Daddy expires in the excitement, from a massive stroke. In addition to suffering massive damage to the leg, which can be regrown, Bunny also suffers from brain damage from several small blood clots that are dislodged and carried to her brain. After several months of the best medical care that Rhylanor and Will can provide, Bunny mostly recovers. She has lost some of her memories and some of her permanent mental acuity. However, she learns to love Will again, or perhaps remembers what she felt for him before the accident. During this time, the family house is burglarized by some Solomani, looking for papers in Daddy's safe; Will releazes what they were looking for (but missed) and has taken that appointment book to turn it over to Admiral Grey, aloing with evidence as to the identity of the burglars. After several months, and with the consent of Bunny's legal guardian (attorney), she decides to finally marry Will. They are married in a civil ceremony on Rhylanor on 300/1122. Will continues to practice at Rhylanor General until that time.

After the ceremony, Will and Bunny return to Regina, which although it may not be more peaceful is a lot more forthright about it's level of violence.

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