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A&B Detecitve Agency Located on level five. A small detective and investigative firm. Handling private and commercial surveillance for divorce cases and employee theft. A subsidiary of the Palladium Group.
Angelique's Classic style bordello, located on level four. Operated by Angelique Hunter. The back stair case connects to the Copacabana for discreet travel.
Banque de Genève A small investment bank, but with huge assets, BdG serves mainly the very rich, commercial concerns, and often functions as a holding company. First shift only.
Bank of Regina The main local bank on up port. It caters mostly to locals. Open all shifts. Primarily dealing in individual and small business accounts.
Blood Moon A combination club/bordello catering to Vargrs. Mostly a place to get the smell of aliens out of your muzzle.
The Body Shop A chain style shop doing everything from hair, nails, skin dye & skin bleach jobs, up to minor biosculpting.
The Chateau de Fer An upper class bordello, catering to customers with somewhat “particular” needs. In house and out-call. All necessary equipment can be provided. Standard mix of human and non-human employees and clientele. There is a primary entrance, as well as a more “discreet” entrance through the health club next door. Expensive.
Curl Up & Dye Avant guarde style shop for the stylistically adventurous. Customers of all races are welcome here. Fashion place for the trendy. Somewhat expensive.
Dirty Dee's A large, better class bordello designed to relax customers. The owner, Diana Nyan, may have civilized more whores (and clients) than anyone else.
DOA Dead or Alive. A subscription service that serves as a clearing house for bounty hunters. Has open photo files for view of wanted persons from throughout the marches. Also for a fee will complete the various planetary paperwork to collect bounties.
Doctors without Borders A non-profit organization providing medical assistance in times of emergency. They frequently respond to both natural disasters and war zones to provide assistance to the civilian population and refugees throughout the Spinward Marches.
Eli's A dojo and gym in the traditional mode. Definitely not a "health club", and aerobics classes are banned. Boxing / sparring ring, bags, etc. Eli Malich, proprietor.
Fred's Tattoo Emporium A tatoo parlor beyond compare. The proprietor, Frederick Van Der Meere is a classically trained artist who discovered the “tatoo media”. Has received considerable attention for his 3-D techniques.
Foundation for Social Assistance A non-profit charity founded by Corina Armstrong to provide housing, tools, monetary assistance, medical care, vocational training and trade apprenticeship to the needy of Regina. It's offices are located on Level 3 of Up Port. The Foundation is controlled by it's founder, Corina Armstrong; however, day to day operations are run by Randi Kyle. See Charter.
Funmusements One of a chain of amusement park/arcades. Something here for every age, but with a tendency toward family entertainment. No intoxicants are served in the facility. Most of the employees are non human, with a good percentage of Poxyquotl. Owned by Diversions, LIC.
Fur Preferred Style shop for Martels, Vargrs, Aslans, etc. Hair cutting and styling in correct traditional styles. Moderate to expensive.
Imperial Bank Part of the huge banking and financial network controlled by Hortelez et Cie., the Imperial Bank serves all types of customers, from individuals to major commercial concerns. The major source of starship loans. Open all shifts.
JR’s A middle to upper class chain of bordellos owned by Jason Roberts, designed to separate the patron from his money with as little pain as possible. Caters to all tastes. Little staff turnover, because they offer good benefits. Reminiscent of Lady Sally's House.
Legal Aide A non-profit legal defense organization, primarily catering to the indigent and low income. Supported by a grant from the Duchess of Mora. Frequently embroiled in liberal causes. Associated with the ICLU.
Morehouse & Berdrignelvig The main cargo brokerage house on up port. Ito Morehouse and Charveg Berdrignelvig are known as the most hard nosed bargainers on Regina. Count relatives after leaving.
The Mother Lode A middle class casino, rules limit bet amounts and no one ever leaves without a credit. Food and drinks are cheap. Owner Ned Hessel is a former belter/prospecter who found a more reliable source of income.
Mr. Fixit Pikhan-staffed repair shop. They'll fix anything. And they mean it. The eager Pikhans do have a human staff to make sure services are paid for, but the prices are very fair.
NQA Clinic A "No Questions Asked" medical clinic on Up Port Level 8 run by Dr. Anders Jorgensen and her husband, Reid Darcy. Not listed in the phonebook, clients must locate it using streetwise. Very competent medical care. Fee: $1,000 credits a point (without any embarrassing questions or police reports).
Palladium Group A research and investigative firm.
Precision Fabrication Electronic and mechanical fabrication, from blueprint to working model. Boasts a staff of 30, mostly Pikhans.
Regina Assay and Currency Exchange Run by the planetary government, assays on ore and specie are performed at moderate cost. Currency exchange at the official rate.
Regina Guild Hall A large mall-like area containing the various guilds: mercenary, spacer, etc.
Regina Postal Central The main downlink for X-boats, as well as private mail, post boxes and general delivery.
Regina Starport Authority This complex represents the nerve centre and operational nexus of Regina Up-Port. Within the complex are areas for administration, customs, traffic control, starport police, and all the other governmental functions of the starport all the way down to custodial, environmental control, and waste recycling and disposal. Access to the various areas is limited.
Regina Data Center Functioning as a research center and library, the data center is part of the extensive infonet system and is regularly updated by x-boats.
Regina Trade and Convention Center A modular exposition center owned and operated by the Regina Starport Authority on Up Port. Small subunits or the entire center may be rented or leased.
Regina Trauma Centre While the most serious medical problems are dealt with on planet at Down Port’s Regina Memorial Hospital, the trauma centre serves as both an emergency clinic, and to stabilize serious patients until they can be shuttled down to R.M.H.
Solly's The main pawn shop up port. Formed by the merger of the old Solomon Brothers Loans and Molly’s Pawn Shop.
Starport Employees Credit Union The smallest financial institution, with limited membership, but offering excellent service.
24 Hour Emergency Cleaners This (primarily) carpet cleaning service is available 24 hours a day, every day (holidays included). Very discreet.
Verblishnik, Uraehu, Wong & Goldstein Lawyers. Probably the most well-known and respected law firm in the Marches. Offices at all major ports. Primarily dealing in contract, corporate, and criminal law.