Mercer Black
Director of Regina Security

Director of Regina Security, Mercer Black is an enigmatic figure. He avoids publicity and few photos of him exist. He is descibed as very average looking and many people who have met the director have difficulty remembering his appearance.

Mr Black has a taste for the finer things in life. He is an expert art collector, and an officianado of the performing arts. He is known to have a taste for the liquor crème de violette and Sobranie tobbacco cigarettes. He is a diligent administrator and rumored to be a talented amateur torturer.

His main passion is for the game, i.e espionage, politics and power. Regina security is the principle power controlling Regina politics, the unions and organized crime.

Mr. Black appears to have few weaknesses, with the exception of his sister Christine, with whom he is rumored to be having an affair.

Common wisdom on Regina amongst those in the know is that anything said anywhere on Up Port should be considered as being whispered into Mr. Black's ear.

Still, Regina security has provided political and economic stability, and the vast majority of the public prefer the current state of affairs to previous Imperial and Ducal rule.


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