Treal Delgado


Treal is the son of Rebecca Bach and Falcon Delgado; he is the fraternal twin brother of William Delgado.

Treal served as a Marine in the Regina Navy until 1120. During a routine partol his ship encountered a smuggler's vessel near the interdicted planet, Algine II. Treal was in command of the Marine boarding party which seized the ship's cargo of rare raw psyonic drugs. Upon returning to Regina, Treal and all the other members of his crew were subsequently discharged from the service in various incidents for: drug use, drunkeness or "mental health" reasons. Treal was discharged for drunkenness, but claims he was rail-roaded. Interestingly enough, the medical board also did an analysis of his blood for psyonic enhancing drugs.

In order to reclaim his honor, he returned to Algine II, "to find the truth". He disappeared on planet and his mother, Rebecca Bach, had to round up a rescue party to get him off. In addition to rescuing him, the party recovered sufficient evidence to have the charged expunged from his record; although he was not returned to active duty.

Treal is currently residing on Regina, between mercenary jobs. Most of his time there he lives at Falcon's apartment. Since Falcon has been away for a while on business this works out well for both of them. Treal seems to have a particular talent for getting beaten up, and he's usually only responsible for provoking half of those incidents.

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