Baroness Caroline Collingwood née van der Scheusse

Caroline, known as "Bunny" to her many friends and acquaintances, is the only daughter of Count van der Schusse, one of the wealthier men in the Marches. She married John FitzPatrick Collingwood, as the only suitor that came up to her Father's standards. Although Collingwood crafted a fine career, his marriage was less successful. Bunny began to drink heavily to fill the void. When Collingwood was appointed military governor of Regina, and named as the Duke Presumptive, Caroline went with him to Regina. Making the social rounds on planet, she was invited to a dinner at the Androchev residence, one night when her husband was otherwise occupied. At that dinner, Caroline and one of the other dinner guests, Will Delgado shared a bottle of wine, that unknown to them had been drugged with Impulse. Caroline and Will end up that night together in bed, in a way that will change both of their lives forever. Photographs were taken in that bedroom by a third party (probably Regina Security) and forwarded to John Collingwood. Collingwood and Delgado duel without really resolving the issue, since they both survive. John Collingwood doesn't take it well when Corina Ling-Raleigh returns to planet and publicly announces her intention to challenge his claim to the Duchy of Regina. Caroline has since learned that the bottle of wine drugged with Impulse was one of many from her husband's wine cellar. So once he's good and mad that night, she serves him some of the Impulse drugged wine, knowing that he will probably do something under it's influence that will be bad for his future. In fact he goes to Corina's wedding reception and attempts suicide by shooting himself in the head in front of Corina. Caroline is called to the hospital and advised that there is no hope that he will recover from this injury; the docotrs recommend removing him from life support, which Caroline agrees to do. Caroline later confesses to Viktor Androchev that she murdered her husband, because she had intentionally given him the Impulse drugged wine that night. With Collingwood dead, Bunny gives up drinking.

After the funeral, Will Delgado tells Bunny that he loves her and wants to spend the rest of his life with her. Unformtunately, her father shows up about that time and he strongly disapproves of Will as "beneath her class".Bunny ends up leaving planet with Will for Rhylanor, to get away from her Father (who has had Will fired from his job at the Regina Hospital by buying the hospital). They live together happily enough on Rhylanor, until her Father locates them on Rhylanor. First he tries to buy off Will (no dice). Then he tells Bunny that he is dying. Bunny and Will agree to separate until after her Father's death, so that she can spend time with him in a peaceful way beofre he dies. Unfortunately this doesn't satisy Daddy, who then goes to Will's apartment to kill him. However, unknown to both Will and the Count, Bunny is in the bedroom and emerges when the fight ensues. Bunny is hit by the splinter gun discharge and barely survives. She also suffers irreversable brain damage from some related blood clots. Will does his best to nurse her back to health: she is not as sharp as she once was, and has some permanent memory loss, but she eventually recovers.

Bunny and Will are married on Rhylanor on 300/1122, with the consent of her guardian (her attorney). After the wedding they returned to Regina. Although most of Bunny's family ofrtune was used up, she still owns the hospital, Regina Trauma, on Up Port. So of course Will could return to his old position there if he wants. They find a spacious apartment in an area of Old Port that is being rennovated, and Bunny decorates it.

However, Bunny was absolutely thrilled when Will was subsequently appointed to the position of Coroner for Regina. It's medicine AND crime. She is so carried away that she begins writing a novel about "Rex Ruskin, Crime Doctor". Much to Will's surprise, it's very good. And he is perfectly willing to give her technical advice where necessary.


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