Dearest Bunny-

In our talks you have told me of the beginning of your relationship with Tiger; how he was kind, considerate and romantic, to begin with. I believe that we run the risk of being hurt any time we choose to love someone or enter a relationship where we trust someone. But our lives are so much richer for the choice to trust and love someone.

My father and mother, for example, have a relationship in which they trust one another and are friends, but they never loved one another. After marrying my father, my mother fell passionately in love with another man. She left my father for that man, but they never divorced. I don't understand why they never divorced. I can guess that it had something to do with Treal and I, or the fact that they believe that marriage is forever. I don't know the real answer (never having had the courage to talk to my mother about it), but I've chosen to think of it as an example of commitment. In life perhaps we can never live up to a promise of perfect commitment, but commitment isn't a feeling - it's a willful choice. I believe that she and my father have always been faithful to each other in their own way.

Bunny, I clearly do love you. I hope that the feeling is both mutual and perpetual. However, I can promise that I intend to be committed to you for life, if you will have me. Come whatever emotional tides sweep back and forth across our relationship, I will remain. For love of you I have stood solid in the face of gunfire, spoken civilly to your father about "my intentions", been fired from my vocation and voluntarily left the planet of my birth. I obviously have some strong inclinations when it comes to our relationship. But these things are easy to bear when you are with me.

If you should decide that our passion "was fun", but not the stuff from which a lifetime of commitment is made, I will accept that also. Given the road that you traveled in your first marriage, I can not make that choice for you. I can say that I am not the same as Tiger, for better or worse. Before making that choice you should consider that you would not only be choosing me, but my job, my erratic work hours, my low pay (at least initially), my lack of noble social connections, etc. I can not promise you a glamourous life. I want you to make a knowledgable choice to remain with me. I can promise you that I will cherish you, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part. I can also promise you that it is inconceivable that I would treat anyone who shares my life, as John treated you. I believed that was not fair from the first time we met, and I still believe it.

I can imagine no greater contentment in life than having you beside me, forever. I also promise to brush your hair every night that I'm home and tell you a bedtime story. As in the Arabian Nights, you can't have me killed until we run out of stories, right?

All my love, Will