Dear Bunny-

Although we are together, sometimes I'm not good at saying what I feel.My father, Falcon, is a great believer in the power of the written word. He taught me that spoken compliments are often brushed off as pleasantries; whereas, a letter describing those same qualities seems to flow through the eyes of the reader to the heart.

I want you to know how much I enjoy your company. As a doctor I am immersed in suffering, pain and death. Each patient I treat is like a sputtering candle relying on my skills, my knowledge, my luck to diagnose them, recommend treatment and to carry it out. If I do this well, perhaps they will return to the same health they had before the illness or injury. But when I am tired (which was a lot lately), it seems as if they return to life by sucking out mine. Don't get me wrong, I want to go on being a doctor. I am just telling you this because I want you to understand what an exquisite joy you have brought to me.

As I watch you sleeping at night or stroke your soft skin, I wonder at your beauty, your spark of effervescence. When I hold you it is like streaks of lightning flowing through me. Epiphany. I want to walk with you, dine with you, dance with you, romance with you. You make me happy.

I'd like to point out that you make lots of other people happy too. I have watched you talk and laugh with relaxed groups of people that were total strangers to you ten minutes previously. You are a social marvel.

Now comes the hard part. Remember when you told me that you had only been with John before we met? Before we met I had only been with one other woman and that was not a long term relationship. She was a naval midshipman who thought it would be a good diversion to demonstrate her zero-g maneuvers to me one evening. After that she was satisifed and that was all (from her perspective). To say that I found this whole thing disappointing is an understatement. That is why when I met you, I wasn't looking for anything or anyone to take that place in my life. However, sometimes you discover the greatest treasures when you are not seeking them.

All my love, Will