Christopher Blaelok
Solomani Ambassador to Rhylanor

Believed deceased

Little is known about the recent appointee as Solomani Ambassador, Mr. Christopher Blaelok. According to his official bio, he is a native of Dingir and held several unspecified governmental posts before travelling to the Marches. There, with partner Nathan Andrews, he founded the Palladium Group, a shadowy organization involved in research and "unspecified jobs requiring ability and discretion". Internal struggles within the Palladium Group lead to the mysterious disappearances of both Nathan Adrews and Blaelok, leaving Michael Griffin in control of the enterprise.

Blaelok reappeared some 8 months later, having been to the Rim and returned with an appointment as Solomani Consul to Regina.

Blaelok is distinguished by his strong Solomani accent and superbly tailored rim-style clothing. He has eschewed the bio-sculpting common among the upper echelons of Solomani society, and the kindest comment on his appearance one could make is that he is "plain". He has extremely pale skin and black eyes which seem to rarely blink, a feature that many find unsettling He moves with the fluid grace of a dancer, and is never surprised.

Blaelok is assumed to be a past or active member of SolSec, and rumors continue to circulate that his urbane appearance conceals a monster of unimaginable cruelty and evil. He is divorced from his wife Pamela and has no children. Like many in the rim, he is a vegetarian. He does not drink or smoke intoxicants, and appears to have no obvious vices. Like many from the rim, his 'natural' caution can seem like extreme paranoia. He has no close friends, and dislike physical contact. He is a workaholic, and people who know him have been given to wonder if he ever sleeps.

When not making inhabited space safe for Solomani, he tends his prize-winning orchids, listens to opera and spends time with his menagerie of pets. He is known to be a fanatical animal lover and supports the SPCA with large contributions. Know animal abusers on Regina Up Port have a habit of leaving Regina or having "accidents".

As the Solomani Consul, he is protected by the Ambassadorial Conventions of the year 3, and has diplomatic immunity.

On 16-1122 the Solomani delegation left Regina after being ordered to leave the planet by Corina Ling-Raleigh. A replacement delegation and new consul is expected to arrive at any time...

Following a brief interlude off planet, Blaelok returned briefly to Regina before assuming his new post as Solomani Ambassador.

A body, identified as that of Blaelok, was discovered in an industrial area of Regina on 208-1122 by service workers, the apparent victim of organleggers. No explainantion for his presence on Regina has been offered by the Solomani government.

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