Nicolai Antonovitch Volkov

Sex: Male Age: 46
Height: 6'2" Weight: 260

Occupational History:
6 Terms Solomani Elite Armed Forces.
Decorations: Banner of Terra x2, Order of Sol x2, Solomani Starburst x3, Blood Crest x6, CSR x13
Expert Ratings:
Demolitions, Unarmed Combat, Recon and Survival.
Weapons Qualifications:
Combat Rifle, Machine Gun, Missile Launcher, Genadier, Surf Gun, Combat Blade. Qualified up to Spec 15 communications Qualified on Zero G equipment and combat.

Frequently found at the Bread and Bean when up port. Has a fondness for tea and poetry. Owns a home on Regina downport.

Born in an Arcology, Nicolai became used to close quarters with other Solomani. Nicolai was educated from the start to be a soldier. He was not typical of all Solomani soldiers however. Nicolai sought a sense of the outdoors and adventures. His seeming high tolerance of sub species of sophont was a constant factor in his being overlooked for promotion in the service. Many attempts were made to correct his attitude. Nicolai was honorably discharged from the service. Although Nicolai does seem more tolerant of other species, because of his training and background, still has an attitude of superiority. Nicolai also has a very high intolerance of failure on any mission. It has been said that he has disobeyed orders to pull success from a failed assignment. It is rumored that some of the missions Nicolai was assigned to weren't meant to succeed. Nicolai's fellow soldiers began to request reassignment once they discovered he was part of the team. It is not known if this is because of Nicolai's tolerances of sub species or because Nicolai was usually the only survivor from obvious suicide missions. Nicolai made his way to the Marches in hopes of finding the adventure. While in the Marches Nicolai started a tradition. That of returning the ashes and unit insignia of any deceased CRI comrade to that units home. To date Nicolai has a 100% mission success record.
Nicolai's reputation as a no nonsense mercenary has prompted several attempts on his life. One attempt on Nicolai's life was directed by his former commanding officer Col. Reid. Col. Reid had handed over a number of CRI teams to the ISA. Somehow Nicolai had managed to escape but not before his memory was partially altered. Nicolai had no memory of this betrayal. Some years later one of Nicolai's supposedly deceased partners showed up on Regina. Frank, was intent on killing Nicolai because his memories had been altered to cause him to believe that Nicolai was the one who betrayed the CRI. After some serious fighting Nicolai was able to convince Frank that he wasn't the one responsible. Nicolai sought the help of a fellow Solomani. Christopher Blaelok was fairly recently arrived on Regina as a member of the Palladium Group. Blaelok was able to recover Nicolai's memories. Nicolai told Frank what he had discovered. Frank in a fit of despair self determined. Nicolai vowed to get his hands on Col. Reid and make him pay for the betrayal of the CRI. Blaelok also sought a way to get back in the good graces of the Solomani government. Meanwhile Col. Reid had managed to get himself promoted to General. Through some manipulations by Blaelok, Gen. Reid was informed where Nicolai could be found. Reid was also advised that Nicolai's memories had been restored. Gen. Reid arrived on Regina in short order to "take care of" the problem. Needless to say. Nicolai and 5 other CRI. Including Gen. Reid had an all out running battle in an unoccupied section of downport. With help from some of Nicolai's local friends he was able to defeat Gen. Reid and his team. NIcolai was seriously wounded in the fight but managed to survive. Gen. Reid also survived and was taken back to Solomani space by Blaelok. The other CRI were killed in the battle.
One of the more recent and spectacular attempts was the bombing of his home on downport. Thanks to a heavy couch and a little luck Nicolai survived. He was hospitalized as a John Doe due to the fact that every shred of ID had been literally blown off his body. Once he regained consciousness he continued to pretend that he suffered from memory loss. Soon however he did manage to have himself transported to a hospital on Rhylanor. There he recuperated and returned to Regina. Upon his return, Nicolai was informed as to who was responsible for bombing his house and promptly returned the favor. The Arkadian Ambassador and most of his staff survived the destruction. The ambassador's residence...Did not.
The latest attempt on Nicolai's life was made by the latest generation of CRI. When Blaelok returned to Regina he was appointed the Solomani Consul. He brought with him his formerly deceased wife Pamela. Pamela mark II was apparently a clone of the original but her personality and memory had been altered. Or possibly incorrectly installed. Blaelok had also brought with him several new staff members for the consulate. At least one of them was this new generation of CRI. Alan at first had Nicolai thinking that he was afraid of Blaelok and wanted Nicolai to protect him. Blaelok had given instructions to Nicolai to "take care of" Alan. Nicolai found this particular job not to his liking and managed to get Alan out of sight for awhile. Unfortunately it was a test of loyalty that Blaelok was running on Nicolai. Alan reported back to Blaelok and then decided to go after Nicolai. It was a messy fight. The Duchess of Rhylanor was seriously injured when she arrived on the scene to help. Both the duchess and Nicolai were infected with some sort of parasite/poison when Alan used one of his enhancement. Alan was close to being killed by the various people who had come to stop the attack. Nicolai suspected that Alan had one of the special devices that completely destroys any kind of biological matter in it's blast radius. His suspicions were confirmed as he pulled the duchess to safety and Alan's device detonated. There is a nice Koi pond there now.
Nicolai has been recently seen in the company of Christopher Blaelok. The recently appointed Ambassador to Rhylanor. Even though Nicolai and the Solomani Ambassador have had their differences in the past it seems to have been smoothed over for now.
Nicolai still has a 100% mission success rate

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