Regina Up Port: Bars and Saloons

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The Blue Parrot Notorious gin mill. The site of many an illegal transaction. Operated by a former gun runner. Obnoxious parrot loose on premises. No problem with trouble makers. Some walk in, few leave. Located in “Old Port”.
Bud's Beer-O-Rama Need one say more. Owner: Bud Smith. Generally middle class and un-inspiring, except for the assortment of 206 varieties of beers on tap. 11 beers made in house.
The Copacabana Upscale dance and night club. Music styles change nightly, including Ballroom, Big Band, Disco, Folk, Latin, Modern/Zero-G, Swing. Floor shows alternate with dancing throughout the night. Rear stairway leads to Angelique's.
The Dead Spacer Scouts, independent merchants, and small package traders found here. Middle class, with a hint of intrigue.
Demonslayer's Up Located on Up Port, this establishment follows more of a renaissance atmosphere. The entertainment is always live and varies from one night to the next. A good place for the newest of artists to display their talents. The meals are always prepared to order. There is no menu list. Patrons are able to enjoy even some of the rarest of delicacies. Chuck Smith, proprietor.
Discarding Sabot Techno rock bar with mega credit sound and light system. Proprietors: Sal and Irving. Known for it’s zero-g dance floor.
L'Escargot D'Or Classical style tavern. Food and ale. Family run. A favorite hangout of artists. Reasonable rates. Beer and wines only. Hard to find location.
Explosive Decompression This new dance club and bar located on level four is currently the hottest club for the young and fashionable. A variety of band play the latest ultrajazz, hip-hop and chag music.
Kevin O'Donnell's Olde Irish Publick House A warm, friendly place. Stone & split wood interior, with a crackling synthe-fire. Good homestyle food served family style.
The Laughing Cadaver Tough bar. No bouncer, just patrons. Bartender and owner- small, lithe female named “Shiv”. Good place to find assassins. Usual customer with table in back corner- “Tabasco Jack”, retired head of the organlegger syndicate. Police paid off- never come here. Located in dark, “Old Port”- high crime neighborhood.
The Nasty Panda Bar and sleazy strip joint. Different sorts of acts on the three stages at different times: Male-Male, Male-Female, Alien-Human. From strip-tease to live sex. Table dancers. The dancers all have prostitution licenses.
The Other Side Gay and “Alternative Lifestyle” meat market. The strange and very unusual hang out there. S&M, Alien lovers, bondage, etc. Good place to score a young boy. Dancing.
The Purple Oyster Disco, lounge, eatery. Yuppie meat market. Trendy restaurant, expensive bar. Not bad sound system. Currently “hot”.
The Quarterdeck Navy bar. Frequented by the rank and file. Rarely are officers seen, despite the name. Nautical theme to decor.
Rrogar Ravnek Vargr bar. If you’re not Vargr, you’d better be tough to come in here. The bathroom is covered in steel plate- for brawling.
Semper Fi Marine bar. Nothing breakable. Furniture bolted to floor.
The 6th Period Grav-ball theme sports bar. Grav-ball has five periods.
The Swingin' Door Tavern Country & Western bar. Synthe-sawdust on the floor, nightly brawls. 1 credit beer pitchers during happy hour, which runs 24 hours a day.
The Voyageur This level 2 lounge caters primarily to sophonts arrive and leaving the highport.
Wudchigwid Grubiah Martel bar. Segregated seating for the upper class. Always crowded.