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Satan's Slammers
A mercenary unit known for it's ruthless methods of waging wars. Although a highly effective unit, it is frequently sanctioned by the Mercenary Guild for atrocities and "war crimes". Like the Terran French Foreign Legion, you have no past once you are a Slammer. It is said that they will employ anyone who is good in a fight, regardless of their prior military or criminal records. They have been particularly active in the Spinward Marches and "Neutral Zone" during the dislocations after the Fifth Frontier War.


Section 9
Solomani Security (SolSec) officially consisted of 8 sections, each with it's own mandate. There are persistant rumors of a 'Section 9', a super secret division with broad powers and an unknown mandate.

Starburst for Extreme Heroism. The highest decoration awarded in the Imperium, to members of the Marines, Army, or Navy. Usually awarded posthumously.

A retrograde warlike humanoid race originally found on the planet birabates. See Sengi in the section on sophont races.


Shanghai Cocktail
Juice of a quarter lemon, 1 tsp Anisette, 1 oz dark Jamaican rum, 1/2 tsp grenadine. Shake with ice cubes, strain into chilled cocktail glasses.

Shelzie Institute for Medical Research
Founded by Commodore Adam Shelzie (ret.) The facility is based on an island on Jenghe. The institute is primarily involved in the researching and development of longevity treatments and medicines. The institute subsidizes it's research with the production of ReGen® The institute has also been a provider of many medical supplies that came into short supply with the implementation of the Pragmatic Solution. The institute maintains offices on Regina as well

Shelzie Relief Foundation
Founded shortly after the Sixth Frontier War. The foundation aided those refugees whose lives had been displaced by the creation of the Neutral Zone. The foundation primarily assisted refugees with the basic necessities. Food, shelter, clothing and medical care. The foundation also assisted refugees who wanted to relocate to less populated worlds where they could find employment. Additionally the foundation provided some retraining for those refugees who found their skills in little or no demand. The foundation is primarily funded by fund raising events and donations from private citizens and corporations. Dr. Adam Shelzie initially funded the foundation. He has also been responsible for planning and hosting many of the fundraisers

"The official Solomani Confederation unit of currency is the Solomani Basic Unit of Currency, officially known as the Solar, sometimes abbreviated as Sol. It is also sometimes referred to colloquially as the sollar (origin unknown) or as the Solomani BUC, or just BUC. The approved abbreviated format is Sol as in Sol10,000, although the common usage is S as in S10,000, and even government agencies have adopted this practice.

The single Solar is minted as a silver alloy coin 2.5 cm in diameter with an inset 1cm stylized sunburst of gold colored material on the obverse. The reverse pictures a stylized heroic human male and female with the Confederation emblem forming the background. The coin incorporates raised microprinting, holographic elements and advanced embedded taggants to prevent forgery.

A silver colored alloy centi-Solar coin is also minted, as well as 5,10,25,50 and 100 Solar coins, each identified by different size, color and images. Transaction in larger amount are usually carried out via electronic credit transfer or on occasion, other negotiable instruments such as bank drafts or bearer bonds.The Confederation does not print bank notes.

The official exchange rate is 1.5 Imperial Credits to the Solar (Solomani money is superior to Imperial credits, and thus worth more). However, given the state of trade in the Confederation, good are typically equally inflated, thus the spending power of the Solar in the confederation is about on par with the credit within the Imperium.


Solomani Starburst

The Solomani Security Agency. Secret police force, and one of the branches of the Solomani government. SolSec is watching...

Spinward Marches

Starport Authorities

Sternmetal Horizons, LIC
A megacorp with a Limited Liability Imperial Charter, known for it's mining operations and manufacturing. It produces mostly power generation equipment of all types; although it is also a manufacturer of food synthesis equipment.


Stygian Bliss
A rare and much sought after tea derived from a lichen native to Cunnonic/Darrian. The tea is made from the buds of the lichen, budding occurring every 11 years. The buds are then fermented over a period of 3 years, then dried. The infusion from the tea is euphoric, invigorating, and increases clarity of thought. Unfortunately, the tea is also toxic if taken in more than small quantities. Death from Stygian Bliss results from slow failure of the autonomic nervous system, even as the thought processes are accelerated and expanded.

Supreme and Ultimate Medal of Thanks
Award from the Pikhan Government created for the group that rescued M.M Shialagu, the renowned Pikhan gunsmith, who is considered a Pikhan national treasure. The award projects a 8 meter tall holographic group image of the rescuers complete with fanfare and flames.

hotgun Ultra Rapid Fire. See entry under weapons.

This megacorp engages in a wide range of chemical, pharmaceutical and geneering activities. It is the primary manufacturer of anagathics and psi drugs, with production facilities both inside and outside the Imperium.

Sword Worlds

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