Regina Up Port: Clubs and Associations

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The Daedalus Club The club of the intelligentsia. Rumored to have one of the best book libraries in the Imperium. Famous for its High Tea. So exclusive, it’s never in style. Members only, guests rarely. Endowed club, no fees except nominal bar & dinner charges. Must have an intelligence or education of F to become a member.
The Epicurean Society Billing itself as seeking to extend the horizons of sophant pleasure. The society has become mainly a meeting place for the sensually adventurous. The orgies are notorious, as are the banquets. Membership is open to all, but expensive. Frequently the subject of religious picketing. Motto- everything to excess. All services within the club are free, including rooms held by the club at the Ambassador. $100,000 cr to join, $10,000 cr/year dues.
The Grenadier Club Open to all current or former combat officers that have been under fire. One of the largest clubs, but still managing to maintain a sense of intimacy. Good food & drinks as reasonable prices. Many mercenary deals are set up here. No SEH holder has ever paid for drinks here. 100 cr initiation, 150 cr/ year dues.
The Heritage Club An ancient private club tracing its roots to the second Imperium. Originally made up of naval officers, the club now accepts members from all occupations. A meeting place of old money and old power. Very selective. 5,000 cr/ year dues.
The Jasmine Club Meeting place for the powerful and well connected as well as the “interesting”. Members come from all walks of life and backgrounds. The doorman, George, is a former REACT unarmed combat instructor. A Club in the old Solomani style, but offering something for every taste. The club is heavily armoured. M. Sykes -Prop. Members and guests only.
The Regina Hunt Club A gathering place for those who enjoy the pursuit of wild game. Formerly boasting a large membership, recent events have reduced the membership to a small but dedicated group. A major supporter of the Regina Museum of Natural History. 2500 cr initiation fee, 1000 cr/ year dues.
Traveller's Aide Society The main private organization in the Imperium. TAS provides good quality rooms & food to members. TAS facilities can also offer bookings off planet & low cost brokers for cargo speculation. Membership benefits include one high passage every month.