Regina Up Port: Restaurants

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Atomic Pizzoids Jeff Escoffier Child (Pikhan) runs this techno pizza place alone. A state of the art cyber kitchen designed by the owner allows the patrons to select from 20 graduations of crust crispyness. Over 50 toppings available. Reasonable prices & they deliver in 15 minutes or less (to the UpPort). Try the Neutron - it kills the eater but leaves everything else intact. Pizzas named for sub atomic particles.
The Bread & Bean Coffee, tea, chocolate, cider. Several score of pastries & donuts. Fresh baked bread. Frequented by the literati.
Burgermania A blue collar establishment featuring huge meat and non-meat burgers, suds & soda in a clean (if plain) environment. An excellent value. Take out.
Chester's Smokehouse & BBQ Everything from cajun baby back ribs to a delicately smoked sturgeon. The exotic raw meats, smoked with a subtle blend of rare woods and herbs are a favorite with Aslans. No one has ever seen Chester.
Clairidges Located in the grand old Clairidges Hotel. This, the oldest three star restaurant in the Marches, features a more limited menu than the Savoy, with emphasis on traditional haute cuisine. The wine cellar boasts over 100,000 bottles. Manager: Henri Frieur. Dress code.
Club Zambezi Restaurant in the safari motif, featuring a large selection of wild game. Come here for hippo served smoked and grilled over an open hardwood fire. Favored by the adventurous as well as by Aslans and Vargrs. Owner: Peter Corbet Bell. Bell is a former big game hunter, and has decorated the restaurant with over 800 trophies.
Le Crépérie New addition to Regina UpPort's culinary milieu, and located on level 3, Le Crépérie specializes in traditional breakfasts (served all day). The crépes are of course the focus of the menu, and are available as breakfast, desert, or even lunch/dinner. Siblings Etienne and Elise Aubergenois, proprietors.
Escargot d'Or Classic family restaurant and tavern. Known for it's soups and homemade bread. Hard to find, but popular with students, and a surprisingly wide variety of Regina denizens. Moderate prices.
A Fine Kettle of Fish Middle class seafood restaurant. Children definitely welcome here. Helium balloons, etc. Average food at a fair price.
Grrv'k Noorr An informal Vargr restaurant well known for it’s Krruk. The sauces range from “elegantly subtle” to “incinerate your G.I. tract”. Thirty Vargr beers on tap, as well as Guiness and Aass Double Boch. The name means “happy tummy”.
Martini's A Solomani style restaurant hidden away in Old Port. Know for it's Northern Italian cuisine and old world feel. In the past, Martini's was notorious as a hangout for organized crime figures, and it's excellent food and notoriety continue to attract customers.
Mohammed McWongs Famous for its grilled protocarb burger & special sauce. The deep fried pods are known far & wide. Take out.
Mr. Weiner Liz Qualu’s main rival, Abe Leibonitz, an ancient gentleman from the Rim. Abe is singlehandedly trying to create a frankfurter craze in the Marches. Popular legend has it that Liz and Abe are sleeping together. The dogs are kosher and served NY style.
Nicolo's A family style restaurant with a neo-Solomani flair. Meals are served in a banquet fashion. The pasta is made fresh daily by hand.
The Oaks Upper class restaurant famous for its excellent, simple food, wine list and natural wood interior. Also home of the infamous “back room”, a notorious gunfighter hangout. The premises of the Oaks are considered “neutral” territory and although fights are sometimes arranged there, they are never fought there. It would certainly be a fatal lapse of courtesy and a Regina Suicide for anyone to so much as draw a firearm on the premises.
The Savoy Grill Arguably the finest restaurant in the Marches. Chef Armand Courier is best known for fabulous dishes using ingredients unique to the Marches. Expensive. Dress code.
Stuff on a Stick Shishkabobs and similar items served en brochette. Owner/operator Liz Qualu serves up tasty bits from her cart, which is usually located near the main job board. She’s also a good person to ask about who’s hiring.
The Tea House A classic tea room in the old Terran style, and featuring rare and exotic teas and infusions as well as light meals, presented in a formal atmosphere. Guest can partake of the tea ceremony, and such rare blends as Jurian Mist, Jibwe fruit pekoe and Stygian Bliss.
UbiFood An Autocafé found in almost every starport and run by the giant service conglomerate, Ubiquitous, LIC. Fast food for all races. Cheap, clean and fast.
Wubchuk Groobia An aptly named place, featuring a plethora of growing edible plants throughout. The salad bar is over forty feet long. No meat is served here, but many a carnivore stops in to sample Martel Chef Burbik Gribbeldrik’s spicy herb nut bread.
Yum-Yum Café Don’t let the name fool you. Everything here is homemade and fresh. The berry pies are famous.