Capt. Berkeley Brantford Hunter

Height 5'10" Weight 165 Hair Black, Eyes Grey
6 Terms Imperial Army (Commando)
5 MCUF, 3 MCG, 3 PH, 14 CSR, 9 CCR
Distinguishing features: Obscene Tattoo on left arm.

Born to lower class parents in the year 1081, Hunters early life involved many brushes with the law and various undesireable elements. His parents, borloi addicts on the dole, paid little attention to their son. At age 17, he was arrested for attrempted murder after seriously wounding a local gang member in a knife fight. Given the option of prison or the army, he chose Imperial service.

The army provided all that hunter lacked at home: structure, discipline, education, and a sense of belonging. Coupled with a violent nature, an apparent lack of fear an a certain animal cunning, Hunter quickly rose through the enlisted ranks of the war-time Imperial Army. He was selected for commando school twice, and returned a third time as an instructor.

Realizing that the military was the only way for him to rise in social status, Hunter availed himself of every opportunity to improve himself, completing his GED and taking college correspondance courses. His study, as well as his excellent record paid off. He was selected of officers candidate shool and commissioned an officer. Rising to the rank of captain, peace broke out. Faced with the prospects of a peacetime army and no political connections, he opted for retirement.

Hunter is currently occupied as a mercenary. He is know for his fantastic ability with a rifle, his incredibly 'salty' language, and his absolute sang froid under fire. He makes his home on Regina Orbital, where he lives with his longtime girlfriend Angela, a professional 'escort'. He always carries her business cards, and gives them out where ever he goes. No one is quite sure what she sees in him.

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