Admiral Paolo Astridi
Archduke of Deneb

Paolo Astridi is a man built larger than life. His wealth, power, influence and appetites are all on a grand scale. A member of the most rareified strata of the Imperial Nobility, he naturally attended the Imperial Naval Academy. Graduating in the comfortable center of his class, he showed an adaquate grasp of Naval tactics as a line officer. Assigned to a logistical command, he found his true talent. He showed an uncanny ability to manipulate and keep track of thousand of shipments. While it was Grey who was the sharp end of the 5th frontier war, it was Astridi who saw that supplies always arrived where needed.

Turning his skills with numbers to the civilian sector, he increased the already vast family fortune into an astronomical, incalculable sum. This, along with his natural charm, made him welcome everywhere.

Serving a term as President of the Imperial Senate, Astridi missed the the excitement of the Marches and his beloved homeworld of Jewell. Receiving a grant of Fief from Emperor Alexander, he returned to the Marches in 1118 to assume the post of Arch-Duke of the Domain of Deneb. Normally resides on his homeworld of Jewell.

Astridi maintains close ties to a number Mega-Corps, having large holdings in Tukera, Ling, SternMetal and SuSAG. He is well known as a bon vivant and ladies man. He has recently been linked to Charlotte Steiner, his former aide-de-camp and now Rik-Aler in the service of the Sengi.

UPP: 8-5-5-C-C-G


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