Danirelle Tecola"Viper" Grey (née Kalugin)

Her Grace, Danirelle Kalugin Grey, Duchess of Rhylanor

Married to Duke of Rhylanor, Grand Admiral William Grey at 300-1122, Danirelle has led an interesting and not uneventful life. Born in 1076, to a branch of the Kalugin shipping family, she is 5'3" with silver blond hair and blue-grey eyes. Despite her birthdate, she appears currently to be roughly half her chronological age. Danirelle has two older brothers (William and Dave) and had an older brother (Stavros) and sister (Stasia) who both disappeared not long after her fifth birthday and are thought to be deceased .

Records show that the then The Duchess began her "career" as, of all things, a gunslinger, in 1094, taking a number of bodyguard and bounty hunter jobs, as well as serving as the law on several small planets.

Upon "retirement" (after 20 years of service) she had acquired a significant reputation as well as the nickname of "Viper" for her quick reflexes and cool demeanor under fire. She continued to travel and participated in several "adventures" about which few details seem to be available. At least one resulted in her receiving the Supreme and Ultimate Medal of Thanks from the Pikhans for rescuing M.M. Shilago, a Pikhan national treasure. Another resulted in her being granted the rank of Dame, and acquiring the "Right to Bear Arms". No details of this adventure are available, although there are rumors that an Imperial Secrecy Act may have been involved.

During this time she purchased a large estate on LaBelle and established a horse ranch that has bred a well-respected line of jumpers and hunters. She also began to collect guns made by the famed Einar Korth and eventually started manufacturing high quality Corth replicas, some of which are carried as service guns by the LaBelle police force. Records show that she owns a small estate on the planet of Rhylanor and that she has recently acquired the Corth estate on the pleasure planet of Cogri.

In 1115, Danirelle married Joseph Macaniel at the estate of the then Duchess of Lanth, Ilsa Andreylan. The wedding was followed by nearly a year of "normal" married life before it was discovered that Macaniel was related to the (now deceased) Duke Norris Aledon. Political life was inevitable after that and the Macaniels were posted to Mora as the Duke and Duchess. This event was followed in rather short order by the somewhat mysterious death of Duke Norris, and an upheaval of their life occurred yet again. Events then followed a well-publicized path that resulted in Macaniel being stripped of his Imperial citizenship. At roughly this same time, business needs necessitated Danirelle's return to LaBelle, on a trip that took no less than six months. While she was gone Macaniel became embroiled in the political issues rising up around the formation of the Neutral Zone. In 1120 he had their marriage declared annulled (by the emperor) and died in the revolution in Aguilon Park on Regina shortly thereafter.

Rumors at one time linked her with Archduke Paolo Astridi and later with the noted playboy and Duke of Lunion, Mark Bach. However, in early 1121, her engagement to Admiral Grey was announced and all such rumors ceased. Sources close to the Greys report that they seem to be extremely happy together, and that "the Duchess just glows" when in the presence of her new husband.

--Exerpted from the Rhylanor Times, Sunday "People" edition, Holiday-1122

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