Anson Colys Teasdale

5'10" 170lbs Black hair, blue eyes. Age 34.


Wears a white shirt, black silk vest, pocket watch and chain. Black whipcord breeches and black polished riding boots. Doesn't wear a hat indoors. Most frequently seen wearing dark shades and tight fitting black doe skin gloves, heavy leather gun belt with front-raked appendix draw cutaway holster holding a System Automatic semi-automatic revolver with cocobolo grips. There is a small 9mm revolver behind the belt buckle and dagger in right boot top. A switch-blade in back pocket, speed loaders on left front of belt and single rounds in shell loops on back of belt complete the ensemble.

He usually carries a small nylon case the holds a short shotgun, extra ammo and various tools of his trade.

Anson Colys Teasdale was born on Regin/REGINA starport, the son of an STA police officer. He was raised primarily by his father, Anson Sr. after his mother left when he was 2 years old. Anson grew up as a typical cop's kid, often getting into trouble which resulted in frequent beatings by his father. At age 16 his life turned around when he joined a police cadet program. He did exceptionally well, and he and his father finally had something in common and the grew close. Anson had finally found his calling. Shortly after completing his first year as a cadet, Anson's father was brutally murdered by member of the Copanzo gang. A day after the funeral, Anson took his father’s service pistol, calmly walked into Martini's restaurant and shot Alphonse “The Ice pick” Copanzo, reputed capo of the Copanzo gang, six times in the head and escaped.

Anton turned himself into the police, and thanks to his father’s friends, avoided prosecution. Instead, he was placed in reform school. On his 18th birthday, he was released. His dream of becoming an STA police officer now out of reach, and still sought by the Copanzo gang, his father’s friends arranged for him to travel off planet. He kicked around, doing odd jobs until he was hired by a local lawman on a low law-level planet as a clerk. Later that same year he was promoted to deputy and proved himself very capable. He took his position very seriously, and devoted himself totally to the job. He saw it as his mission to rid the Imperium., or at least his little piece of it, of “scum”. He was not afraid of getting his hands dirty and often resorted to ruthless tactics to accomplish his task. He also indulged his lifelong passion for guns and shooting, and practised until he became a deadly shot.

When his mentor retired, Anson took over his post. Anson finally ‘cleaned up’ his town through the use of bullying and his gun, adding several more ‘kills’ to his record. Finally, the town had enough of his brutal methods, and he was invited to resign. Anson spent the next dozen years fighting crime in his own way on as many planets, serving as bounty hunter, bodyguard, lawman and sometimes freelance gun for hire.. Eventually, either his reputation would catch up with him, or someone would call him out. Finally, after years of roaming the Marches, he decided to return home to Regina starport, a place more accepting of his special skills.

Anson is of average height with black hair and a moustache. He has piercing blue eyes and angular features that make him not unattractive in a hard sort of way. He is basically easy going, but has been known to have ‘a mean streak a mile wide’ if angered. He is not afraid to use his fists or his gun to settle arguments. He has shot to death at least a dozen men, and brutally beaten a dozen more.

Anson’s claim to fame, besides his prowess with a gun, is that he was immortalized by a local musician in the song “Blue eyed killer”. While a tough and in-control type, he is awed by Tri-V and musical stars and other famous persons. He fancies himself as something as a ladies man, although his experience has mostly been with unsophisticated farm girls and the like. He is painfully aware of his lack of social graces, and has tried to pick up some manners in his stints as a bodyguard.

Anson is currently living on Regina starport off his savings and a bit of gambling. He likes to live the high life whenever he can.

Anson thinks of himself as a 'good guy'. Though a Regina native, he's not quite at the 'hey, it's none of my business' stage. At least not when beautiful women are in danger.

He still has nightmares about his father's murder.

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