Charlotte Steiner
Rik Aler, Kelkelairi Mehkt


Four terms in Imperial service, first Marine Commandos, then REACT, then Marine Commandos again. 7 CSR, 3 PH, 3 MCUF, SEH.

Late thirties. Light brown hair. Light green eyes. 5'9" tall. 145 lbs.
Long, straight scar along the left side of her face, a couple of inches forward of her ear.

Highly skilled in the use of most military weapons, as well as tactics and instruction, Steiner has nonetheless failed in her original pursuit of a career in the Imperial military. She has proven to be an asset in combat, but frequently a liability (from certain points of view) off the battlefield, especially in "politically sensitive" situations. Steiner has been described as a "psycho bitch", a killer, a "loose cannon", and other less complimentary things. She was RTU'd from REACT, and busted in rank after an incident off base that resulted in the death of a young noble, and barely managed to avoid a court-martial. On the other hand, there are people who seem to hold Steiner in some esteem for her sense of honour and personal loyalty.

Former Marine, ex-REACT, former aide-de-camp to the Arch Duke of Deneb (Paolo Astridi), ex-Imperial citizen. Steiner has been linked to the infamous General Tranek, among other unsavoury characters.

Upon leaving the service of the Arch Duke (she was given a medical retirement, at the rank of Brigadier General), Steiner was employed by the Sengi, as a training officer specialising in tactics. After taking part (with the Sengi units she helped train) in the action that resulted in the retaking of Jewell, Steiner evidently had a falling out with Astridi (there had been rumours about their on-again-off-again relationship for some time - not so much rumor as fact, actually), renounced her Imperial citizenship, and became a vassal of the Sengi clan Kardak (one of ten non-Sengi in such a position). Several years working and training with the Sengi have left Steiner looking leaner and tougher, and with a scar from a mistake she made during training - one she has not made since.

Steiner has a residence on a planet ceded to the Sengi, where her fief is located. She has apparently reconciled with Astridi, following a rather public and unpleasant confrontation at the residence of the Duke of Rhylanor during the visit of the Imperial Family. Steiner's men have had to adapt to the novelty of being under a female rik-aler, but they have come to respect her, and she is known among them (although not to her face) as their "little sister".

Due to the new treaty between the Zhodani and Imperials that eliminates the Neutral Zone, Steiner and the kelkelair of Sengi under her command had been moved into the Regina-Jenghe area of space, to work with the Imperial forces to quell any potential problems with planets/systems not happy with being reintegrated into the Imperium.

The Ba Notr of clan Kardak, Lord Goran Kurtashth who was visiting on Regina, decided to travel to Jewell for the College of Nobles, to observe this example of Imperial culture. Lord Kalarin (Steiner's liege-lord), and Steiner went along on this trip. After a rather eventful hunting trip, during the festivities that followed, Steiner was summoned before the Ba Notr. He informed Steiner that her performance was "adequate" (large compliment, considering the source), and that it had been decided she should make plans to "pass on her bloodline". Loose translation: "jolly good job, time to breed now". This was a major shock for Steiner, who had no clue this was coming. After a speechless pause, she managed to ask if she was supposed to marry some one now, and if they had some one in mind?? She does not apparently have to marry, at least not right off, and as for a "candidate", the Ba Notr told her that they wanted it to be "a good match" for her, not something arranged without her input. Such a relief. Steiner went off to her tent to contemplate the bombshell, after being told that as far as a mate for her, a Lord (i.e., Var-Sengi) was a distinct possibility, and that she should expect a "visit" later.

Shortly thereafter, the Ba Notr arrives to see Steiner, but in his role as a Sengi Lord, not as Ba Notr, so she doesn't have to be quite so formal (she can actually look at his face). Steiner was a bit uncomfortable with this whole thing, but the Ba Notr was an extremely experienced man (he's over 150 years old, after all), a subvert psionic (as are all Vars), very attentive, and with the stamina of a very lucky athlete. Besides - he finds Steiner intriguing; she's so "cute and petite". And she gets to explain the lingerie thing again.

The Ba Notr leaves some twelve hours (!!!) later. Steiner spends the next day being attended upon by jai, mostly in bed. A few days later, Steiner is trying to get her mind around this issue of passing on her bloodline, and figures that will mean going off Lock, so she checks her medical record and discovers she's a tad overdue for her booster. Like more than a year overdue. [Insert strangled scream of panic here.] She figures that Lock, like milk, probably doesn't expire exactly on the date stamped on it, so she's probably okay. But no more boinking for a while (there'd been that little visit with Paolo Astridi a few days earlier, but he is damned sure on Lock himself, so no real risk there).

After leaving Jewell for the Sengi planet nearby, Steiner has a talk with her resident doctor (Butler) about the fact that she's concerned about not having had her Lock booster, and wanting to check on that. Dr. Butler goes out of the room for a few minutes, then returns and says "Congratulations." Steiner does not faint. Steiner probably should have decked Dr. Butler, but she didn't do that either, she just sat down. Never assume congratulations are in order. Turns out that Butler believes with a Var-Sengi, it may not have mattered if Steiner was on Lock - it doesn't appear to work with them. How nice. Perhaps they need warning labels before being allowed into the Imperium?

Steiner returned to her home planet, while attempting to come to grips with her "condition". If the Ba Notr is the father, which is pretty much a given, Steiner will most likely have a Sengi or Var-Sengi child, if she carries to term (9 months for a Sengi, 10 for a Var). She has told no one outside of her clan and doctor yet. Although anyone currently around her would probably catch a clue, since she's at the sit up, stand up, throw up stage. And she's scared. Battles she can handle. Being pregnant is another matter.

Some time later, Steiner was informed that she was to take on a more important assignment for the Sengi, that of helping to protect the "Chosen One". So, Steiner is sent off to Lanth. Arrival date on Lanth: 211 - 1122. Steiner is now residing on Lanth, providing troops and taking over the responsibility of the Chosen One's security, so to speak. All this while dealing with Astridi's distant behavior (probably a reaction to finding out about Steiner's pregnanacy), and a very difficult pregnancy (for Steiner at any rate, the baby seems to be doing fine) now almost into the third trimester, and involving headaches, pains, etc. - which are considered 'good signs' by the Sengi females. A 'good sign' of what?

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