Elizabeth Bach Burke

Elizabeth Bach-Burke is the only child of Marcella (Marcy) Bach and Jonathan Burke. Even before she was born there were signs that she was not going to be an ordinary child. During the pregnancy, in addition to the normal pregnancy woes, Marcy was plagued with headaches and nosebleeds. What was some what more alarming was that so was Jonathan, and anyone else nearby. They guessed that the child would probably have a psionic talent. They had no clue.

One night during the pregnancy there was a visit by a Barlow delegation to the parents-to-be. Marcy had met Barlows before, so she was not too stunned when they unzipped the wall and strolled into the living room. She was surprised when the Barlows delivered a cryptic prophesy about the baby being "the chosen one" (the Barlows are usually only cryptic when they lapse into higher mathematics during a conversation). They also gave Marcy a ring for the baby and stated that they would come if the child ever needed them.

After Elizabeth's birth, her wild psionic talent continued to make her parents life miserable; although both parents doted on their daughter. The christening was planned for the baby and a large number of guests were invited.

She received the following christening presents: 5,000 cr of Leggos from Christoph; A music album by Behrel and Kitty with a song named after her; A Flute Tree Seed from Walker; A history of the royal families in the marches from Chang; A Commission in the Kalugin Shipping Lines (once she comes of age) from Tristen Kalugin; a set of kazoos from Trey Raller; A Peddle Tank with space for optional motor and turret from Steve Dane; A gift certificate for a horse from Viper and Mac; a life sized stuffed penguin from Kendal; a Vargr Talisman braided coil with colors signifying courage and luck from Tranek; a supply of Regen C from Infinity Medical; Property on Lanth from Ilsa; and a genetically engineered live teddy bear from Astridi.

Once again, it was the uninvited guests that were the show stopper though. A Sengi Lord arrived to make the following announcement: Sengi oath at Elizabeth's christening. Actually there was a whole contingent of Sengi troops that were camped outside Marcy and Jonathan's house. The Lord went on to explain privately to Marcy and Jonathan that he was aware of Elizabeth's psionic talents and that the Sengi could help her parents raise her (without headaches) and train her how to use her talents. They also stated that by being "the Aeisheia" she was in danger if not protected by the Sengi. Marcy, being somewhat overwhelmed, agreed that perhaps what the whole family needed was retirement to some quiet, non-industrial world like Birabates. Marcy also believed what they were being told by the Sengi because of the prior Barlow visit. So the family moved to Birabates.

Elizabeth has been mostly raised like a Sengi, and is rather proficient with most weapons. She also looks much older than her age. When Elizabeth turned five, Marcy decided that it was time for Elizabeth and family to visit Ilsa and the court retinue that was touring the Marches for a visit (with Elizabeth's Sengi Guard in tow). During the visit to Rhylanor, Jonathan was assassinated by a rival Sengi Lord in what amounted to an internal Sengi power struggle; although Jonathan also managed to kill his attacker. Marcy returned to Birabates to bury Jonathan and settle some scores, leaving Elizabeth temporarily in the care of Ilsa and her aunt, Marty Bach. After a duel with the Sengi widow of the assassin and a mourning period, Marcy returned to Court to collect Elizabeth. They have since taken up residence on the property on Lanth given to Elizabeth at her christening by Ilsa.


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