Philip "Junior" Christoph

Doctor of emergency medicine at Regina Trauma.
Awarded the Imperial Emperor's Medal.
Knighted for untold deeds.
Owner of a gunshop and range.
One time medic for the Regina Rotweillers. Friend of the Imperial family.
Hero of the Pikahn people.
All this and more, also less...

Junior is often seen carrying large numbers of personal weapons but at the same time seems to be a genuinely friendly person who cheerfully greets strangers on the streets. News and security cameras have caught him participating in several "Regina Suicides", firing weapons from pistols to rocket launchers. Always, it seems he was defending friends.

He lives alone above his gunshop, often entertaining guests of various types, ranging from former military officers to the local underclassed.

Philip retired as a Captain in the Imperial Marines. His last service was under General Marcy Bach ,defending Jewel from the Zhodani's during the 6th frontier war.


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