Deedee "Dragon" Callahan

Her nickname comes from the excellent tattoo of a dragon on her right upper shoulder, which is frequently visible. Dragon has recently toned down her appearance though, having been hassled on a daily basis outside her Regina Up Port Level 2 condo. The security guards firmly believed that anyone wearing a blue mohawk haircut must be an interloper. So although the hair style changed, she still wears: a black Langletz leather jacket (cloth armour), a Van Halen tank top, black canvas jeans (cloth armor), and men's black golf shoes.

During her first term, Dragon went AWOL from the Imperial Army, Artillery Branch during a police action, saying "this is bullshit". She was caught and served one year in a military prison. She has voluntarily renounced her Imperial citizenship and lives on Regina.

She is rumoured to have been involved in the death of Evan Sontag. She is occasionally seen in the company of Claude d'Aubisson socially. She has an ode to her beauty written by him.

Dragon eventually decides that it's time to leave Regina for adventure, since life on level 2 is definitely boring. She can't even scandalize the neighbors anymore - they all know her now. So she leases he apartment, puts her storage bin (1) of stuff in storage, and departs Regina on a mision to kill Carmen Escobar. Dragon travels to Menorb via Boughene with a party that has diverse goals and motives. On Boughene, Dragon meets the impressionable young Tim, the son of the local planetary supervisor and convinces him to go off on a real adventure.

On Menorb, the party eventually succeeeds in finding Carmen Escobar and her brother, Roberto, in the company of a rebel band in the jungles. Dragon gets to see the local government, the mining megacorp, and how they conduct business on planet. She manages to gain an introduction to the rebels and Carlos through a persecuted local political science professor. During their discussion as to how she came to be here on planet and seeking the rebels, Dragon finds out that she has lots in common with these people. Their fight against the planetary forces is eerily reminiscent of the police action she refused to particiate in while she was in the Army, and for which she served time in the military prison. The only good news is that after meeting Carmen, she doesn't have a problem with continuing to plan her death. However, things work out that during a fight between the rebels and the planetary forces, Carmen is killed by Tavi. The bad news is that Roberto is also killed during this fight, leaving the rebels without their most charismatic leader. The party has also made some powerful enemies on Menorb, who want their heads for this, in more than a figurative way. Upon returning to the starport on their way off planet, Duane Flett is approached by a man that wants some people "taken out". He describes the party as being associates of a certain man, whose identity he illustrates by removing Tim's head from a starport wall locker. Duane says he'll look into it, and then returns to the ship and warns everyone to flee planet ASAP. Max does claim Tim's head, the only portion of his body that is ever recovered, before returning to Boughere. Dragon doesn't find out about Tim's fate until they are enroute to Boughene.

Dragon was sincerely attached to Tim and is profoundly affected by his death. She contacts his family, tells them that he was killed on the starport at Menorb, by a serial killer (which is true), leaving out the details of his adventures, battles with the rebels, etc, because they might not be the way that they want to remember their son. His parents are understandably not very supportive and blame Dragon for Tim's death.

Dragon makes arrangements to return to Menorb alone. Once there she rejoins Roberto's old rebel band. News coverage from there eventually features stories about some rebel successes, lead by a mysterious woman they dub the "Bandit Queen" of Menorb.

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