Jack Armstrong
Ling Standard Security

The son and grandson of Ling Standard employees, Jack Armstrong is the model of the 'Company' man. Attending Ling Prep and the prestigious Ling-Melon University, Jack was offered any job he wanted. Like his father and grandmother, he chose the Security branch. Distinguishing himself in several corporate wars, he was placed on medical status after receiving a serious wound in an action against corsaires funded by Military Technologies.

Two painful years of rehabilitation later, he returned to duty, transferred to the elite Executive Protective Detail. He met and married 8th generation Ling employee Margaret Hollis. One year later, on 015-1120, Margaret Armstrong was dead, killed protecting Ling general director Milton Ling-Paxton.

Immediately following the corporate funeral, Jack requested, and received posting to the high-risk protective detail. He was assigned as head of security for Ling General Director Corina Ling-Raleigh.

Jack performed admirably as head of Corina's security detail, saving her life several times. During the process however, he fell in love with her (she was aware of this). Eventually Corina gets into a power struggle with Mercer Black over control of Regina. Black attempts unsuccessfully (thanks to Jack) to assasinate Corina and plans to blame the crime on Jack. Corina warns Jack of the plot, and then sends him to kidnap Black's sister, Christine. During the snatch of Christine, Christine shoots Jack 11 times. He is therefore at the hospital when then final showdown occurs between Black and Corina in Aguilon Park. Corina is gravely wounded in the duel, and then her unconscious body is spirited away during a sudden power failure. She eventually awakes to find that she has new eyes, her appearance has been subtly altered and she has a new identity (Monica). She contacts Jack at the hospital abnd arranges to meet him on a Tukera Liner after it has left Regina for Jenghe. Jack accepts a medical retirement from Ling-Standard, and in gratitude for his faithful service to the company the new General Director writes him a Mega-Credit check.

When they meet she explains that her interest in him is personal, not professional now; and that since she's no longer a Ling -Raleigh or his boss, they can have a life together. A torrid love scene ensues, punctuated by occasional yelps as they both find out which body parts aren't quite healed yet. Jack proposes and gives Corina-Monica the ring he wore on a chain around his neck, which belonged to his first wife. Corina tells Jack that once her uncle gets around to having her declared dead, he's going to inherit Ten Mega-Credits from her estate. In order to somewhat obscure their trail, they switch ships on Jenghe, with "Monica" hiring on as ship's crew, then they have the Captain of the new ship marry them . They plan to work as ship's crew until they find the right planet to settle on, where they can run a spacer bar and Monica can broker ship's trade. They plan to adopt kids too once they find the place to settle.

Boy is Jack suprised to wake up one morning with slight freezer burn back on Regina! The good news is that he's still married to his former boss. The bad news is she gets elevated to Duchess of Regina. Jack is therefore, at her request trying to whip the planetary military into a less mutinous shape.

On 34/1122, Jack becomes the proud father of a son, Jackson Marshall Armstrong, Jr. Now he'll have someone to watch grav-ball with again.

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