Additional and Modified Rules for Traveller

Listed here are a variety of additional and modified rules for classic Traveller as created by the GM, or gleaned from external sources. Where known, we have given credit to the original author.

Rule Set Comments
Advanced Small Ship Combat Detailed rules for ship to ship engagements. These rules include new weapon types as well as tables for determining colateral damage (such as damage to crew and passengers)
Aimed Fire and Hit Location Rules for determining specific lit location and aiming.
Autofire Rule Clarification
Decorations A quick looks at Imperial decorations and a recommended change
Decorations II A quick and dirty system for generating medals for old-style CT characters.
Currency and Coin Info about that neat stuff we use to buy things in the Imperium.
Code Duello Historical rules of duelling
Die Rolls A look at Traveller's Die Rolling Probabilities
Education Extended system for education, including educational ranks and titles
Grenades Grenade Damage
Hand to hand combat Brawling and unarmed combat (martial arts)
How much is that in credits? A simple calculator to translate various Terran currencies into Imperial Credits
Initiative Determining who does what when.
Medical Rules This is an extended set of rules for Traveller including drugs, Med Kits, etc.
Projectile Weapons Calculating kinetic energy, free recoil and damage for projectile weapons.
Low Class Nobles have titles and privileges, the lower class have other problems.
Morale How NPCs and groups react under fire.
Noble Benefits Extended benefits and privileges for noble characters.
Sleepwave What really happens. Humor.
Weapons Malfunctions When good guns go bad. What happens when guns jam?