Vol 876 Issue 357 357-1121

New NewsFax Launched

Corina Ling-Raleigh has announced that she intends to begin publishing a new newsfax based on Regina, The Democracia.

It will feature: cutting edge fashions, exclusive coverage of the Regina Rottweillers (inside stories with the team and coaches), and arts and entertainment news as well as personal profiles of famous and/or interesting Regina personalities.

It will also feature photos, society events and charity functions.

Kitty Bitch Announces Pregnancy

The publicist for Kathryn Cordman, better known to her fans as 'Kitty Bitch', announced that she will be taking time off tour in order to have a child. "Children actually", commented Cordman. Doctors at Rhylanor Mercy hospital confirmed that there are 4 fetuses.

Cordman say she "expects to be on Regina" with her husband, Impresario Behrel dom Camréal. "I'm pretty sure he's the father", she said. No comment was available from dom Camréal.