Richard "Rick" Walker

Younger Brother of the Late Wallace "Wally" Walker. Rick inherited Wally's riches and has since made them grow into a significant empire.

Although only 23 he owns and runs the Jenghe starport to planet shuttle company. Owns 5000 acres on an island on Jenghe and is a major landowner near that planet's Down Port.

Rick's ship "The Crying Shame", a race-tuned small yacht, was at one time the entirety of the Jenghe reserve navy. An extremely agile craft, Rick often pilots it between Jenghe and Regina.

Rick's hobbies include exploring all things mechanical or electrical, ancient artifacts and (of all strange things), knife fighting.

It is rumored that Rick Walker has been courting Rhylanor doctor Carlin Ita Vankawa. It has also been reported that Rick is personally responsible for the Rana being on Jenghe.


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