Born in 1092, 5’2", with brown hair and blue-green eyes, and an odd Brooklyn accent (where did that come from?), Shelly is a fairly well-known musician living on Regina Up Port. She plays keyboards almost exclusively, and has been recently employed at the Discarding Sabot, as well as taking on gigs on the side. She lives in a small economy apartment that is almost, but not quite in the Warrens of Old Port. Shelly is known to be quite a good martial artist, and works out on a regular basis at Eli’s, a gym and dojo on level 4 of Old Port.

She hangs out a lot with Irving Graham Bell, the pikhan engineer who resides at the Discarding Sabot. Irving is also a well-known entertainer, and he and Shelly often work together on musical endeavors. Shelly and Irving are only friends, but there seems to be a rumor running around that they are involved in a torrid affair. This would most likely be due to the Pikhans well known sense of literalness, and some comment that he made in a public place that was immediately misconstrued. However, neither Irving nor Shelly tends to pay much attention to the rumor mill, so it is possible that they have no idea that the rumor exists.

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