Robert Shelzie

Robert Alyn Shelzie Lt. Cmdr. Imperial Navy (ret.)
Age: 35
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 175#
Extraordinary starship and fighter pilot. Class three ratings on both Starship and Ship's Boat piloting.
Robert has always followed the Shelzie family creed. Service and education. Robert's career started in college on Rhylanor. He graduated **** from the University on Rhylanor. He then continued his education, and began his naval service. Being accepted into the Imperial Naval Academy, where Robert graduated with honors. He then went on to attend Naval flight school. Robert was a natural pilot and his instructors encouraged his natural talent. He did of course run into the normal hazards of Naval Academy education. Including the occasional low atmosphere flights over his share of admiral's daughters.
Robert established himself early on in his career as an easy going type. He is usually cheerful and respectful of others. The only exception to this are psionics. Robert has no problem with regard to expressing his feeling towards psionics. He doesn't trust them.
During his first deployment Robert was awarded an MCUF for his actions in holding a siege line. Robert was soon promoted and given a fighter squadron command. After that it just got better for Robert. He was soon awarded additional decorations including an SEH. Even doing a stint in Naval Intelligence. Robert retired from the Navy after his third term. His retirement was a direct result of the military cutbacks after the last frontier engagement.
Robert has made a pretty good life since leaving the Imperial Navy. He has been shanghaied. He has found the woman he loves, Ariana. And he is still an excellent pilot. All though he finds Regina a rather crude place to live he has discovered that someone with his skills and abilities can always find work. Robert is an avid Dick Salamander fan, as is Ariana.
Though Robert refers to Adam Shelzie as his Uncle he is actually a third cousin.

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