Maximilian Rhys-Fairfax


Lt. Commander, Imperial Navy. Active duty.

The youngest son of a noble house with a tradition of service in the Imperial Navy, Max's future seemed clear to him. At least, until his father, Admiral Alistair Parrish Rhys-Fairfax (retired), decided that with his two older sons already in the Navy, Max was to be trained in commerce, to handle the family's business interests. This caused a great deal of friction between Max and his father, and resulted in Max refusing to follow his father's orders (for the first time in his life). After his application to the Naval Academy was turned down (thanks to his father's intervention), Max decided to enlist in the Navy any way.

Max has risen fairly quickly in rank (being sent to OCS fresh out of training, then to Staff and Command College), due to both his own initiative and no doubt, his father's influence. Max has seen combat, and has earned two Purple Hearts, one MCUF, and one SEH. He is also a closet romantic, and a classically trained pianist.

Max has discovered some unpleasant truths since joining the Navy. Not being a graduate of the Naval Academy coupled with his lack of flight training, has kept Max something of an 'outsider' among his fellow officers, especially the nobles. Things have gotten worse since arriving in the Guvrrdon subsector, especially after a personal crisis for Max involving his childhood sweetheart and fiancée, Commander Amanda Wentworth (serving on board the Fletcher). Max showed up earlier than expected at her quarters, only to find her boinking his commanding officer, Captain Spencer (of the Spruance). He did not confront them at that time, but left and returned to see Amanda after the captain had left. Amanda's explanation was that she wanted "some one with ambition, a future", although she still cared for Max, but more like a friend or a brother. The engagement is off, needless to say.

Several rungs up the command chain from Captain Spencer, Admiral Lisa Chang got wind of the little 'incident', and decided to get Lt. Commander Rhys-Fairfax away from the Captain lest any unpleasantness occur at the next dining-in. (She's not the only one who knows - it's a small Navy...) Max has been reassigned to Lt. General Viktor Androchev, as his naval attaché. A secondary benefit for Admiral Chang is that she now has some one who can give her information on this "Androchev person", and General Androchev gets a much needed 'conduit' to the Navy. Or at least, that was the plan.

And then the Vargrs attacked...

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