Kogzgung Zueghzgoks

Race: Vargr
Sex: Male
Age: 38
Height: 5'9" Weight: 195
Fur: Medium length black & tan
Eyes: Brown

Occupational History:
Vargr Armed Forces.
Specialist Ratings:
Zero G Combat, Tactics, Survival, Recon and Machanic.
Weapons Qualifications:
Combat Rifle, Machine Gun, Genadier, Handgun, Small Sword Demolitions.Close Combat

Kogz as he is often called by non-vargr, enjoys working out, obviously. He's large for a Vargr in that his physique is quite muscular. Perhaps that is why he was always the one carrying the machinegun. Kogz also enjoys reading. He can be found when off duty, raiding the ships library. His favorite topics are military history, especially how it relates to Field Marshal Tranek. Tranek is not exactly a hero figure but Kogz is impressed with his career.

The person that Kogz does look upon as a hero is the Vargr movie star, Rukhdhogh Aksgnurarkur (read Arnold Swarzenegger) Kogz has seen all the movies by this screen star. Someday he might even get around to buying copies of his films. Kogz's favorite film by this actor is "Pit Fighter" w/ Kurt Overwald in a supporting role. Followed by "Kaervik the Corsair" and "Kaervik The Corsair II Teeth of Vengence"

Kogz has gone so far as to buy the books on Rukhdhogh's early career in bodybuilding.

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