Kendall Sezarn

Kendall Calorin Sezarn

Born in 1076, 5'8" with brown hair and grey-green eyes, Kendall is part of the Kalugin shipping family of Regina. Her mother, Landra Sezarn is the current director of Kalugin Shipping. Kendall has two sisters (Netika, and noted demolition artist Brigitte Sezarn) and a brother (Blaine, Brigitte's twin).

Currently the "aide-de-camp/personal bodyguard" to the Empress, Kendall has recently held the rank of Lt. Colonel in the Imperial Marines. She served five terms prior to retiring (the first time), finishing in the Commandos and earned both an SEH and Purple Heart while in service. While serving with the Empress, Kendall has been elevated to the rank of Dame, and granted an estate in an unknown location.

Those familiar with Miltech and it's advertising campaigns may recognize Kendall from the infamous "my armor survived an astro-light explosion" ads that appeared about five or six years ago on Regina, and featured a picture of her in combat armor that is half-way embedded into a wall.

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