Katrina Androchev

Katrina Androchev. The adopted daughter of Viktor Androchev. She doesn't remember her real name. She was rescued by Viktor from a slaver camp when she was 16. She claims she has no memory prior to returning to Regina with her adopted father.
Katrina spent the next two years recovering from a variety of health issues that were a result of her captivity. Since then she has graduated from Regina University and has applied and been accepted into Medical School. Having the father that she has, she quickly picked up a few skills with both the handgun and unarmed combat. Since her return to civilized society, Katrina has been known to be a bit of a risk taker. She often goes free climbing and consistantly out climbs even her instructors. Katrina's friend and fellow students often describe Katrina as a care-free and happy person. She keeps her past to herself though. It is unknown how much of her past is known by her father. When asked about her father Katrina simply laughs and states "Him?... He's just a big teddy bear...Unless you piss him off... Then he's a grizzly"

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