Geoff Thompson


Geoff was born on a forest planet that was going through it's industrial revolution. His parents died when he was a baby of the black fever. Baby Geoff and his three siblings (two brothers and one sister, all older) were adopted by a couple who ran the local tavern, and who had no children of their own. As baby of the family, everyone else had great plans for Geoff's future. By the time Geoff is 12 years old, he thinks he "can't stand the pressure anymore", and he runs away from home. Geoff takes up with the local organized crime faction as a pick pocket in training. Realizing that dragging him home would be a short lived solution, Geoff's father calls in special favor from a Sergeant Major in the planetary marines. Geoff has no clue about the relationship between his father and his new patron, he thinks (correctly- in some ways) that he just chose to pick the wrong man's pocket. The Sgt. Major takes Geoff under his tutelage to learn a new trade, so to speak. Geoff ends up as a very methodical, precise soldier, with a very good education in military history. Eventually, at age 18, he is wise enough to go home for a visit to his family; however, the military is his life now. A remarkably seasoned trooper for his age, he then enlists in the Imperial Marines Corp. In fact, he is posted to Commando school in his first term.

Although he cross trained with the Army and the Scouts, the Marine Corp is his real home. So after being transferred to the Scouts, he subsequently re-enlists in the Imperial Marines. Eventually he compiled enough awards and successful missions, that not even he could refuse OCS. Because he prefers field commands, he has threatened to assault anyone who contemplates promoting him beyond his current rank of Captain. He has been awarded: 1 purple heart, 1 Meritorious Conduct Under Fire, 4 Medals for Conspicuous Gallantry and 2 SEH's. He has five Combat Command ribbons. Although very cognizant of military etiquette, Geoff speaks his mind freely in the presence of his military superiors for three reasons: 1. He is arrogant enough to believe that he knows more about most military topics than they do (he's usually right about this); 2. He would consider a bust in his current rank as more entertaining, 3. He's eligible for retirement. He is also a responsible leader that will not needlessly endanger men under his command, without advising a superior officer of why he objects to a stupid order.

Geoff serves credibly during the seige and retreat from Vera Cruz, operating in enemy controlled territory, accomapnaied by his faithful side kick, Corporal Ferdinand Ezbeki. Ezbeki is a mightly handy man to have around in a fight, but a bit eccentric. Following the Vera Cruz campaign and subsequent hospital stay, Geoff and Ezbeki are both thrust squinting involuntarily into the cold light of civilian retirement.

After a somewhat awkward parting on Regina, where Geoff is let out of the jail and Ezbeki is not. Geoff agrees to go on a mission to revcover some personal property belonging to Mr. Black, in exchange for Ezbeki's subsequent release and the dismissal of charges against them both. Geoff thus joins the party bound for Planet X, a world interdicted by the Scout Service, without Ezbeki.

Much to the party's surprise, the landing on Planet X is more of a one way trip than initially planned. They discover a balkanized world, where things like electornics and even electricity, just don't work. However it is a land of great opportuntiy for someone like Geoff! He succeeds in making a fast friendship with one of the planetary Dukes, acquiring some land and an income, saving a queen from an assasination plot (and getting knight for it) and finding the love of his life. Although she is much younger, Sophie is the woman he never allowed himself to dream about when he was on active duty. Things would be going very smoothly except for Ezbeki's sudden appearance on planet. The lack of high-tech medical treatment on planet and lack of transportation off planet, becomes critical when Ezbeki is wounded in the spine during the fight to save the queen. Geoff is now struggling to get Ezbeki off planet before the paraplegic succums to despair and suicide. So provided he's able to get his friend off planet, he should have a bright future. Sophie and he are officially engaged to be married; and as such are even allowed to have private conversations in public places, under the watchful eye of a chaperone of course.

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