Sgt. Duane Flett

Sgt. Duane Flett
Sgt. Flett is extremely resourceful soldier.
He is possessive of his personal space and equipment.
He is also highly distrustful of any kind of organization where it involves nobility, corporations, law enforcement, and in most cases officers.
Sgt. Flett has attended Commando School three times in his 4 term career in the Imperial Marines. His third time was as a close combat instructor.
Sgt. Flett's one and only decoration is an SEH which he earned late in his service to the Emperor. The official report was that he charged a machinegun nest while his squad and some officers were pinned down. Remarkably, Sgt. Flett was uninjured during his courageous assault. Those in Flett's squad privately believe that the reason Flett charged the nest was that he was unable to use a rather effete noble, who had showed up on his horse, as effective cover.
Something to do with "squawking orders like an emasculated rooster"

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