Carlin Ita Vankawa

Dr. Carlan Ita Vankawa

Born in 1076(?), 4'11" with black hair, aqua-blue eyes, and oriental features, Carlan entered the Navy Medical Branch and graduated form the Naval College with a double degree in physical medicine and cultural anthropology. She then spent 20 years as a Navy doctor and retired,as a highly qualified surgeon with the rank of E9.

Despite her apparent chronological age, she physically appears to be far younger and has recently graduated from Rhylanor Universities Graduate Studies Program with yet another medical degree (in psychology). She speaks fluent Japanese, and has a tendency to regress into it when severely stressed or angry.

Carlan spends a lot of time in the company of Rick Walker. She has a modest residence on Rhylanor Up and was instrumental in the installation of Barlow Park and the surrounding

"Therian Estates", which were designed and built to be affordable housing. For many years she lived in the "Enclave" with her grandfather and a group of unusual looking Vargrs who ran a distillery that produced Tralya. The Vargrs vanished mysteriously a few years ago, and the distillery stopped production shortly thereafter, much to the dismay of connoisseurs in the Marches.

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