"Brother" Jules Hérbert

Jules Herbert never imagined that he would leave the Carthusian Monastery alive. He lived there as a monastic Brother for 32 years, having entered at age 16. As members of the strictest contemplative order of the Catholic Church, the monks are bound by vows of silence and perpetual prayer. He was variously employed within the monastery wherever he was needed at various trades such as masonry, farming and as a medical assistant. He was also noted for his fine voice in the choir. But his avocation and true skill lay in brewing and distilling. This is a particularly valuable skill as a Carthusian, because they can neither beg nor work for pay outside and rely solely on the royalties from each bottle of Chartreuse sold. The Carthusians have been the exclusive makers of this cordial for thousands of years and are very possessive of it. Its recipe is a highly guarded secret, with only three Brothers knowing it. Jules was well on his way to becoming one of the chosen three.

However, he "fell from grace" so to speak, with the election of Father Polar as Abbott. In a way that only occupants of a small town or a monastery understand, the Abbott used his power to censure Brother Jules for drunkenness. Although it was technically true that he was intoxicated at Mass, he was acting as a quality control person that day. What did they expect? He decided that it was time to leave the monastery.

Once in the outside world, he was the target of some wiser women, who initially refused to believe that it was possible for middle age and virginity to co-exist. "Brother" Jules seized upon sensate experience like the starving devour food. It definitely wasn't a pretty sight. However, he has now sated himself and found his niche on Regina. He is both a member of the Epicurean Society. and an actual resident of that building. He works at various manual labor positions and is self employed as a specialty distiller.

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