Seymore Globber
Comissioner of Regina Police

Born into the lower middle class, Seymore Globber's parents died when he was 8. He was raised by his older brother Sidney, whom he worshipped. Sidney put Seymore through college (Magna Cum Laude Alien History) and Law school. On the day Seymore was taking the bar, Sidney was killed in a gun battle with organ-leggars. Seymore gave up law and joined the force to avenge his brother. At first ridiculed as a scheister, Globber proved to be a tough cop, and a good one. He proved to be an expert shot and his drive and intelligence, along with a number of arrests soon raised him to the rank of sergeant. Though frightfully intelligent (int F edu D), he got along well with his fellow cops.

After a short time as sergeant in patrol division, he was promoted to detective. His first assignment was vice, where he made many friends in the underworld who served him well later in his career. This was at the time when three gangs were fighting over Regina's criminal trade. Under pressure to do something, the commissioner formed the Major Case squad and assigned to it the best and the brightest. Globber is among the first selected. He and partner Zero Aioulou broke the Camelli case, catching Organ-legger Carmine Camelli ands his capos in the act in a brilliant sting operation conceived by Globber. Globber was decorated and promoted to lieutenant. Camelli swore revenge, and Globber survives 3 assassination attempts, being wounded twice. A this point Globber realizes that the pension won't quite make it. He's seen a lot of curruption, so skimming a little off scum like Camelli doesn't seem so bad. Call it a fine.

His next big case was the Capricorn Murders. 11 females are murdered in ritualistic fashion. Globber is brought on the case. He examines three bodies and announces the perpatrator 24 hours after being assigned. Police arrest Psychiatrist Raven Talbot and find evidence linking her to all 11 girls. Globber was 28 years old and made Inspector.

His first target in his new position is Bruno Cerra, ruthless underboss of Carmine Camelli. Bruno was slippery - 35 arrests, no convictions. He also made the aquantance of Bruno's girl, high priced call girl Geddy LaMieux. He carefully cultivated her friendship, hoping to turn her against Bruno. She said she wanted out, and Globber bought the line. She naturally set him up, and Globber was shotgunned from behind and left for dead. He managed to recover and pulls every trick his legally trained mind can come up with to stay off retirement. Globber finally catches up with Cerra, and killed him in a running gun battle through Aguilon Park. The rumor is that Cerra surrendered, but Globber killed him anyway. Officers nearby claim Globber had no choice but to fire.

There was some question raised in the papers, but it all dies down. Globber was then promoted to Chief Inspector and moved into a more administrative position. He kept his hand in, solving cases that baffle others. He met some influential people in government, and did what he's told. He takes care of his boys and he takes care of himself. At 35 he is completely jaded about the world. He has adopted a jovial, friendly, even bumbling manner to avoid the power struggle in the upper echelons of the department. He was promoted to superintendant, then finally is appointed commisioner of police.

Globber never married, but had many interests in his youth. He fell hard for Geddy LaMieux, who betrayed him. Eventually he arrested her, and she was convicted and executed. He witnessed the execution. As she died, it's claimed he uttered "what a damn shame". It's claimed he has a picture of her on his desk (he does--she was gorgeous).

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