Welcome to the downloads page

Unless otherwise noted, the files on this page are available for downloading and use without restriction. Currently, the files available consist of a filemaker database for tracking character information (and printing forms) and an MS Excel¨ spreadsheet with calculated to-hit rolls. Everything here is derived from the original Traveller Rules (little books). Feel free to modify them to suit your own needs.

Please note that all files on this page should be considered 'under development', please send suggestions for changes and additions to mole@solsec.org.

NB: The Traveller Character Database requires the Traveller Weapon Database for full functionality.

File: Format: Mac PC
Traveller Character Database Filemaker 3 trav455.hqx trav455.fp3
Traveller Weapon Database Filemaker 3 tweap455.hqx tweap455.fp3
Traveller To Hit Excel 97/98 travhits.hqx travhits.xls
Below is a screen shot of a couple of trav455.fp3 displays (on macintosh)